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Posted by Member on 24/04/2019 in Workshops
Copenhagen: Clinical Applications in Laser Dentistry  [1 or 2 Days]

Copenhagen: Clinical Applications in Laser Dentistry [1 or 2 Days]

SciVision Copenhagen
Rådhuspladsen 16, 1550 København, Denmark

Start Time
17/04/2020 08:30 am
End Time
18/04/2020 4:00 pm
From € 450 ex vat

Have a laser/s?

Thinking of introducing laser-supported dentistry to your daily procedures? 

This 1 or 2 day workshop is highly recommended to:

  • Advance your current level of laser-supported dentistry
  • Fast-track you as a new laser user
  • Inform you of the many benefits that await you if you're still wondering "Why Lasers?"

Recommended for Dentists, Specialists & Hygienists


Dr Ane Boe-Hansen from Vejle, Denmark

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Endodontics through University of Chester, England
  • Currently completing Mastership Certificate in Lasers in Dentistry through Germany’s RWTH Aachen University

Dr Ane will present her cases of Lasers in Endo and share interesting insights into the wonders of Lasers in Endodontology as learnt in the above specialty courses.

This workshop can be taken in part (1 day) or in full (2 days).

See Full Programme Below


DAY 1 ONLY: Diode Laser Dentistry (Soft-Tissue)

€450 per participant


DAY 2 ONLY: Erbium All-Tissue Laser Dentistry

€450 per participant


DAY 1 & 2: Dual Wavelength All-Tissue Laser Dentistry

Full Scope of All-Tissue Laser Dentistry - Recommended

€770 per participant 

Save €130 by choosing both days and gain full power.



With such a sophisticated tool, there's always more you can learn. The more you understand tissue interaction and dose, the better your application of it for most predictable results. With the precision lasers offer, you want to be able to maximise your their brilliance with all their capabilities to expand your clinical repertoire of minimally invasive procedures that patients increasingly seek and expect in modern dentistry.

Good laser-supported dentistry decreases post-surgical swelling and speeds up recovery.  It drastically simplifies many previously lengthy surgeries while also allowing you to do procedures you may never have before.

These Master Trainers will guide you with best practices and the scientific approach to trust your laser and to achieve results you never knew were possible!


  • A detailed, focused and interactive laser training workshop covering the various fields of laser-supported dentistry for diode and / or erbium lasers or ideally both together for the full scope of laser dentistry.
  • Lectures and Case Discussions supported by scientific research on a foundation of laser physics
  • A 'Hands-On' component on each procedure taught
  • Each delegate to perform the laser procedure / technique on 'Sheep's Heads' to ensure experience of tissue interaction with hard- and soft-tissue lasers 
    • All-Tissue Lasers (Er,Cr:YSGG 2,780nm) 
    • Soft Tissue Laser (Diode 940nm)

Understanding different laser wavelengths, their Biophysical Interactions, Absorption into different tissue types, their Wattage, Pulses, Joules/cm2 Dose, and so on, is all critical to the results that will be achieved, and extremely important to the success of clinical procedures and outcomes.

With this advanced training, you will understand and be able to apply the benefits of lasers in every-day dental procedures with results that are sure to generate a new reaction from your patients, “Wow, that was it?” Patients love to talk about great experiences, after which they are not able to consider traditional dentistry again.

Modern lasers are designed to be user-friendly with many pre-sets that make it “easy” to operate, however, you will leave this workshop knowing how to correctly adjust settings / pre-sets according to different tissues, pigments and situations for even more optimal results.

Laser experience is not compulsory for this advanced workshop, whilst laser experienced dental practitioners are also highly encouraged to attend to take laser applications and understanding to the next level, expand clinical repertoire and maximise the immense benefits of lasers.


Number of attendees are limited to ensure focused and attentive individual training opportunity with each.




08h00-08h30   Registration & Coffee

08h30-10h00   Applied Physics – Why/how does my laser do this?

10h00-10h30   Laser Safety

10h30-10h45   Quick Coffee Break

10h45-11h30   Frenectomies – A saving grace for many patients

11h30-12h00   Practical: Soft-tissue cutting & frenectomies with guidance from trainers

12h00-12h45   Lunch Break

12h45-13h45   Laser-supported Endo

13h45-14h45   Laser-supported Perio

14h45-15h00   Coffee & Cake

15h00-16h00   Procedures Hands-on including dual wavelength     

16h00-16h30   Financial Viability, Codes & Charging

16h30-17:30    Photobiomodulation – Magic or Science


08h00-08h30   Coffee

08h30-10h00   Hard-Tissue – What can laser bring to the party?

10h00-11h00   Hard-Tissue Hands-On – Be one of the elected few to remove enamel with laser

11h00-11h15   Coffee Break

11h15-12h30   Crown Lengthening & Perio Bonus (Peri-Implantitis)

12h30-13h15   Lunch

13h15-15h15   Hands-On: Crown Lengthening; Soft-Tissue; Pathology; Depigmentation; Gingivectomy

15h15-15h45   Return on Investment – How to pay for such cool tech!

15h45- 16h30  Tying the Knot – Revision & Questions


Some Case Examples

Courtesy of Dr Boela van der Merwe

Laser Crown Lengthening - BIOLASE

Complements of Dr Mark Cronshaw (UK)


Your Laser Mentors For Life!

Dr Bryan Sher

Qualified Mastership Laser Dentist (AALZ), MSc. Lasers in Dentistry at Aachen (AALZ 2019, as well as enjoying full-time private practice in Cape Town and Laser Trainer with much passion.

Qualifications: Masters in Laser Dentistry (MSc), Aachen; Mastership Laser Therapy Diploma, Aachen; BSc. Honours in Physiology, UCT; BChD (Stell)

Dr Jacques Ferreira

Qualified Mastership Laser Dentist (AALZ 2017) and MSc. Lasers in Dentistry at Aachen (AALZ 2019); an experienced Clinical Laser Dentist and Trainer in full-time practice in the small town of Standerton, South Africa.

Qualifications: Masters in Laser Dentistry (MSc), Aachen; Mastership Laser Therapy Diploma, Aachen; BChD (Pret)


DAY 1: DIODE DAY ONLY - € 450 per participant

DAY 2: ERBIUM DAY ONLY - € 450 per participant

2-DAYS: FULL WEEKEND - € 770 per participant (Recommended)


* An invoice will follow by email within 48 hours (week days) payable within 48 hours to secure booking

* Open to Dental Specialists, Dentists & Oral Hygienists


SciVision Office @ Regus Radhuspladsen, Copenhagen
Rådhuspladsen 16
1550 Copenhagen V, Denmark.


* We are located next door to beautiful Tivoli Gardens
* Copenhagen Central Station is a 5 minute walk from here
* Parking - Several parking buildings in the area
* Please ring "reception"at the entrance - Meeting room is on the reception floor.

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Email lindi@scivisionmedical.com

Mobile / WhatsApp +27 84 405 8025 / +45 71 80 04 62

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