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Posted by Member on 05/09/2019 in Lectures
When Technology Meets Biology, Dr Miguel Martins @ Nomads SA 2019

When Technology Meets Biology, Dr Miguel Martins @ Nomads SA 2019

Cnr R55 &, Allandale Rd, Kyalami Estate, Midrand, 1684, South Africa

Start Time
08/11/2019 3:15 pm
End Time
08/11/2019 4:15 pm
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Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr. Miguel R. Martins 


Dr Martins performs high-end Endodontic Treatments and Retreatments at his ‘Exclusive Endodontic e Microsurgery Practice’ in the Netherlands, under microscopic magnification and with the most updated endodontic techniques such as lasers, digital radiography, rotary/reciprocation preparation, warm obturation, ultrasonic equipment and electronic apex locators. As diagnostic and follow-up the practice regularly uses CBCT. As opinion leader he uses and tests the latest products on the market. Performs endodontic lectures and workshops worldwide and host residencies and training sessions to general dentists at their practice in Veldhoven. As a researcher and academic co-worker, he has also published various original studies in peer-reviewed journals such as Lasers in Medical Science, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery and Lasers in Dental Science.

Dr. Miguel R. Martins originally graduated at the University of Porto (Portugal) in 2007, then specialised in Oral Implantology at Santiago Compostela’s University in Spain (2008), graduated as a Master of Science (MSc.) in Lasers in Dentistry at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany (2010), Masters Degree in Oral Laser Applications, Doctorate (PhD) in Lasers in Endodontics from University of Porto, and actively continues by participating in various academic societies, university research and lecturing as invited/keynote speaker worldwide.

LECTURE: Friday 8 November 2019 @ NOMADS

When Technology meets Biology
The Wonderful World of Lasers & CBCT in Endodontics


Within the past 100 years, Endodontics has experienced relatively small developments in techniques and protocols regarding the most important endodontic step: disinfection. Actually, having thousands of researches performed, there is still no evidence-based or even a gold-standard protocol regarding endodontic smear-layer removal and disinfection.

With this lecture (and workshop) we demonstrate the amazing properties of lasers for several endodontic applications and to show all the clinical benefits and outcomes in the most difficult endodontic scenarios.

When technology meets biology, wonderful things happen. And the best way to diagnose and attest outcomes is surely with a live 3D view!

Open your mind, join us, and believe what you will see. Train and practice without delay. Be prepared for a simple but true light-revolution!

WORKSHOP: Saturday, 9 November 2019, 08:00-13:00

Venue: SciVision Training Centre, 7 Charles de Gaulle Crescent, Centurion

Limited Space

Enlighten your Clinical Practice
A practical focus on Lasers, CBCT in Endo and General Dentistry

Lecture & Hands-on Practical Morning with Dr Miguel Martins

Participants to bring:
•    Endodontically treated teeth to be treated with dual-laser wavelengths and x-rayed
Sheep heads will be provided for surgical perio and cariology hands-on


Lasers have long been proposed as a breakthrough in Dentistry. However, despite the large amount of scientific literature supporting the use of lasers, dentists are still not fully aware of all the features and advantages that lasers can offer in daily practice. From bloodless surgery to endodontic drainage, from flapless perio to painless operative dentistry, from aphthous ulcers and herpes treatment to bonding/debonding brackets or veneers. The whole spectrum of what you can do with an Erbium and Diode laser will be covered and presented. Expect no less than a complete transformation and enlightening of your clinical practice!  


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