Biolase iLase Diode Laser

The world’s first personal laser that is powerful, affordable, and beyond portable

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With no foot pedal, power cord or external controls, the iLase™ takes dental lasers beyond portable. The next instrument for your tray. The iLase is the laser for every dentist, every hygienist, every day. Available in various kit configurations for Hygienists*, General Dentists and Specialists, find the right iLase package for your practice.

*Hygienist use applicable only where permitted by state regulations.

Fromhyperplastic gingiva removal to treatment of an aphthous ulcer, the iLase diodelaser can bring maximum comfort and efficiency to your practice.  

Balanced, Ergonomic, and Versatile

  • Conveniencein the palm of your hand for a uniquely personal experience. 

  • Portabledesign with no cords, foot pedal, or external controls.

Clinically Convenient 

Pre-programmedwith the most common soft-tissue procedures to ensure efficiency.

Getto treatment faster with pre-initiated tips to get to laser therapy faster.

Powerful and Affordable 

Deliverup to 5 Watts of power for even the toughest soft-tissue cases.  

Designedto be affordable so that each dentist and hygienist can offer morecomfortable and efficient treatments. 

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