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Oh come on! Fearing the dentist is so last century!

In the era of #LOL and #selfie technology, we have more reasons than ever to keep our smiles in shape and healthy beyond tooth and gum level.

Smiles are more in fashion!  #NeXtLevelSmile

Along with space travel, electric cars, the fourth industrial revolution, new possibilities in saving teeth have also become #minimallyinvasive and virtually #painfree thanks to #lasers that can cut teeth without even touching them!

Dentistry has evolved, from the dark ages to #laserlight.

With less reliance on tools like drills, scalpel blades and injections (we don't like those words, as much as we don't like taking unnecessary medication and antibiotics), technology like dental lasers make going to the dentist, pretty Epic!  #NoDrama

Enter #SuperDentist

What makes BIOLASE Dentists so cool?

New dental techniques such as with BIOLASE Dental Lasers, allow patients and dentists more gentle, simplified and efficient dental care, so that you can spend a shorter, more relaxing time in the dental chair with less need for local or even general anaesthesia. Dentists are known to be very skilled with their hands, therefore good tools and technology with the precision of BIOLASE lasers is an ideal tool for modern dentists. The job gets done quicker, neater, cleaner with advanced results. Procedures are less traumatic to the tissue and yourself. Less down-time and numb lips are also part of the experience!

Waterlase is an all-tissue laser, able to treat soft-tissue and hard-tissue (teeth & bone) more comfortably. Waterlase is highly precise, and without getting in direct contact with teeth it precisely ablates / removes only the necessary decayed tooth enamel without heat, vibration and micro-fractures that the friction of a traditional drill can cause. Most importantly - the technology is highly effective and reseach shows advanced results in modern dentistry when used. As with all new technology, dental professionals require training to effectively use and understand the scientific interatction of lasers on tissue for proven and predictable outcomes. For this reason, you can find your nearest Waterlase Dentist by using our directory here. [All Waterlase lasers are sold with specialised training to dentists and specialist practitioners.]

Watch the video to see some Waterlase dental procedures.

For the above treatments

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Waterlase Dental Lasers

These all-tissue laser treat soft-tissue & hard-tissue (teeth & bone). 

Truly amazing lasers that remove diseased tissue for periodontic needs (gum disease), peri-implantitis or endodontics (root canal) with outstanding results that save more teeth.

Waterlase dentistry is one of the most advanced dental treatments today. This premium all-tissue laser uses a unique patented combination of laser energy and water spray and can perform many procedures without an injection or a drill, hence it being perfect for paediatric dentistry and kids of all ages. Waterlase dentistry is used for  cavities, oral  surgery and mouth sores, repair  treatment for gum  disease and  peri-implantitis, excellent endodontic cleaning and disinfection. Waterlase is highly recommended for modern dental treatments, and especially for anxious dental patients.

High Powered Waterlase iPlus (larger Waterlase) a.k.a. "The Ferrari of Dental Lasers" features more power when needed to get through tougher enamel. Find a Waterlase Dentist.

Lasers  for use in dermatology, ophthalmology and cosmetics have been around  for years and so has the Waterlase dental laser, but is a patented laser technology using "Hydrophotonics". Waterlase is cleared  for numerous dental applications which can be performed on both pediatric and adult patients. Waterlase Dentistry is one of the most  advanced dental treatments available today. Waterlase uses a patented  technology that combines focused light energy with a gentle spray of  water for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience.  Waterlase Dentistry allows dentists to perform a wide range of  procedures with the following benefits.

Waterlase benefits:

  • Virtually Painless, More Natural Dentistry*
  • Accuracy & Precision
  • Reduced Trauma
  • Less Bleeding & Swelling
  • Fewer Dental Visits
  • Versatility

Read about the benefits of Waterlase in moredetail. What makes Waterlase dentistry less painful than conventional dentistry?

As seen on CNBC - View Youtube Video

NEW! Fractional Ablative Dermatologywith Waterlase iPlus is a new feature launced by  BIOLASE whereby the same advanced laser energy (Er,CR:YSGG) and water  atomisation is delivered through one handpiece to achieve highly  effective ablative fractional skin treatments, while feeling gentle  compared to other fractional ablative skin rejuvenating lasers and other  technology. Waterlase truly brings revolutionary skin treatment to the  aesthetics practice in a new minimally invasive way with less pain and  downtime due to the patented combination. Waterlase doctors are  specially trained to perform Waterlase aesthetics to treat your skin for  resurfacing, wrinkles, pigmentation and scars -  easily, without need  for anaesthetic and less down-time. 

  • Find a Waterlase Fractional Doctor near you - Click Here.

Certain lasers allow your dentist to:

  • Repair Cavities without the Drill[Waterlase Laser]
    • Avoids heat, vibration, pressure and micro-fractures associated with drill
    • In time when anaesthetic can be avoided
    • Reduce bacteria at the cavity site

  • Perform Advanced Soft-Tissue Treatments[Waterlase Laser / Epic Laser]
    • Improve your smile health and look
    • Remove oral growths
    • Fix a “tongue-tie”
    • Prevent gum recession
      •    All with little to no numbing
      •    Reduced bleeding and stitches
      •    Less to no swelling and inflammation
      •    Less post-operative discomfort

  • Non-surgical Laser Bacterial Reduction / Perio Pocket Therapy [Epic X / iLase Lasers]
    • Oral Hygienists and Dentists can perform this non-surgical treatment as an adjunct to traditional scaling and root planing to fight potentially dangerous bacteria
    • Reduces post-treatment bleeding
    • Eliminates bacteria that could enter the bloodstream during scaling and root planing

  • Stress-Free & Gentle Gum Disease Treatment[Waterlase Laser & Epic Laser]
  • Gingivitis, Periodontitis & Advanced Periodontitis [Waterlase Laser]
  • REPAIR Perio Treatment is a clinically proven laser protocol used to manage gum disease, either in a small area or throughout the entire mouth. [Waterlase Laser]
  • Significant Advantages:
    • Minimal recession compared to conventional treatment
    • Helps preserve tissue and bone (studies show tissue and bone regeneration through laser stimulation)
    • Removes tartar from the root surface
    • Promotes more rapid healing
    • Minimises swelling and reduces post-op discomfort

  • Peri-Implantitis Treatment [Waterlase Laser]
    • REPAIR Peri-Implantitis Treatment is a clinically proven laser protocol used to manage peri-implant disease, for one or more implants in your mouth.
    • Significant Advantages
      • Decrease tissue recession
      • Restore bone loss
      • Reduce post-operative discomfort
      • Minimise bleeding
      • Keep implants longer

  • Root Canal Treatment [Waterlase Laser & Epic Laser Combined - Dual Wavelength]
    • Cleans and disinfects root canals faster and more effective than only with conventional methods
    • Effective on the highly resistant Enterococcus Faecalis – to reduce retreatment risk
    • Waterlase laser energy locates more canals
    • Waterlase removes infection-harboring instrument smear layer
    • Significant Advantages:
      • Superior disinfection with combination of Waterlase and Epic laser's deep penetration
      • Minimally invasive access with more patient comfort
      • Greater efficacy
      • Improved long-term results
      • Faster recovery

Benefits of Lasers over Conventional Surgery:

  • Less Blood: Lasers have an ability to seal blood vessels thereby achieving haemostasis
  • Less Swelling: Lasers seal lymphatic vessels, so decrease post-surgical swelling
  • Less Pain: They seal nerve fibres thereby reducing operative and post-operative pain
  • Minimally Invasive: Reduces mechanical trauma to tissue
  • Less scarring and greater precision: Because of the monochromic coherence qualities (single wavelength with all light waves aimed in a single direction (collimated) and all in phase with each other)
  • Anti-bacterial: Reduces bacterial counts thereby promoting predictable healing with minimal post operative inflammation

Epic Diode Laser

soft-tissue surgery

pain therapy (TMJ & More)

wound healing

perio / bacterial reduction

nerve regeneration

laser teeth whitening

“The EPIC 940nm Diode is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-bacterial, haemostatic, and promotes good quality healing.  It offers many clinical applications other than just surgery.  Every dentist should have one!” Dr Mark Cronshaw, UK.

 Epic Treatment Video

Learn More about Epic Laser Treatments

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