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Posted by Member on 26/11/2016

How do we know laser cavity treatment is painless?

How do we know laser cavity treatment is painless?

By Linda Murzyn-Dantzer, DMD, MWCLI

 - PEDIATRIC LASER DENTISTRY CAN BE more efficient, provide better outcomes, and provide a better treatment experience for patients. But how do we know it is painless?

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  PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY IS different than general dentistry. Children are different.  They have an inability to localize and differentiate pain. They often can’t communicate what they are feeling. Attention spans are short and time is of the essence. The longer they are in the chair, the more challenging performing dentistry can be.  

Using a laser for pediatric dentistry can be more  effi cient, provide better dentistry and provide better outcomes for pediatric patients. One of the most gratifying experiences in practice is when I can provide treatment to my patient or relieve a painful problem and change the association of dentistry from being a fearful experience to a fun one because I used the laser.

Laser dentistry is a way to provide “no shot” dentistry for kids. This is a big selling point for patients and their parents, because, as we know, the fear of the shot and the pain of dentistry are some of the factors that prevent people from seeking and completing treatment. 

With laser dentistry, not only are there less shots, but there is also no friction, vibration, or heat from a drill to cause discomfort. There is no doubt that laser dentistry allows me to perform minimially invasive conservative treatment with better outcomes and greater satisfaction for our patients.

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