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Posted 17/11/2018 in Category 1

Best Periodontal Practice 2018 - UK

Best Periodontal Practice  2018 - UK

Al-Fa  Perio  Clinic  is  a  private  dental  practice  specialising  in  the  management  of  gum  diseases,gum reconstruction, cosmetic  gum  work,  bone  regeneration,  and  tooth  replacement  throughdental  implants using the  latest  laser technology.  We  profile  the  practice  to  gain  a  fascinatinginsight into the range of treatments it offers and how it works to ensure excellence for each and every one of its patients.

Established in 2004, Al-Fa Perio is a specialist periodontal practice, where the team aim to successfully treat anyone
with gum problems. The practice’s focus is on high quality, state of the art, cutting edge, innovative treatments.

The clinic uses lasers to treat many problems, and its protocols on their use have been developed by Rana Al-Falaki, who is a global leader and trainer in this field, and has undertaken research into bone regeneration, minimally invasive treatments.

Through this technique, Al-Faperio has been able to achieve improved patient-centred outcomes using lasers, better long-term results, with no need for old-style traditional surgery. There are several publications in scientific journals
to back up the clinic’s work, and its approach has been developed by us and is taught to other specialists in the UK
and globally.

Being at the forefront of this innovative solution, Al-Fa Perio is able to offer patients the very highest standards of treatment, as well as supporting its industry peers by offering training and support. Leading the market in cutting-edge periodontal solutions, the practice is valued by patients for its quality, innovative treatments and skilled, professional staff.

It is the clinic’s team, which has a combined experience of over 20 years’ experience in the dental industry, that has led it to the success that it enjoys today. Every member of the team is dedicated to offering patients the very highest possible standard of support and service throughout their treatment process. Looking ahead, Al-Fa Perio is keen to continue to focus on the education of dentists to understand periodontitis and where specialist treatment can help, encouraging them to refer patients earlier to ensure that treatment is effective. Driving this change in the industry will offer the clinic’s team an exciting challenge which it looks forward to overcoming. With this opportunity and many others on the horizon, the future looks bright for Al-Fa Perio and, most importantly, its patients.

Al-Fa Perio Clinic

Contact: Rana Al- FalakiAddress: 48A Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5BY, UKPhone: 020 8506 0701

Web Address: www.al-faperio.co.uk

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