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Posted 16/01/2017 in Category 1

Mastership in Laser Dentistry comes to South Africa, Feb 2017

Mastership in Laser Dentistry comes to South Africa, Feb 2017

It's a big year for Laser Dentistry in South Africa with the first ever Mastership in Laser Dentistry Course in the country. With the sophisticated advances in dentistry and the introduction of lasers in dentistry since the 90's, the use of lasers in dentistry have been incorporated into universities more and more. International university certification courses of state of the art laser techniques have not been available in South Africa till now.

The course will commence on 26 February in Centurion through Germany's prestigious RWTH Aachen University with Prof Norbert Gutknecht. Participants consisting of dentists and oral hygienists will cover four modules on different occasions between February and November, after which they will be required to present five clinical cases and a written exam followed by a graduation ceremony.

Thanks to advances in science, the use of lasers in dentistry has now become a part of everyday clinical practice and is a safe, advanced and more gentle alternative to traditional dental tools realising more rapid recoveries, new laser bacterial reduction and aiding healing through laser phototherapy. This revolution in dentistry has led to new qualifications such as "Master of Science in Lasers in Dentistry", with which Pretoria dentist, Dr Nico Verloop has just graduated through Italy's University of Genoa. This MSc is not yet available in South Africa, however, halfway to it is the "Mastership in Laser Dentistry" which is now available to dental practitioners in South Africa.

Award winning BIOLASE lasers will be made available for course delegates' practical experience.  This world-class education programme has been brought to South Africa through the initiative and vision of award winning South African company SciVision Medical.  They are the agents for Biolase Laser Technology, manufactured in California, USA. SciVision Medical have been actively advancing laser education in South Africa in the last few years.

There are already approximately 200 dentists using Biolase laser technology in everyday dental procedures, treating soft tissue, incorporating pain therapy and laser teeth whitening. The even more advanced Biolase Waterlase laser that can cut hard and soft tissue is replacing the dreaded dental drill and is able to perform many procedures with less need for anaesthetic. 

This is great news for patients, especially children who fear going to the dentist.  Biolase laser dentistry enables a less invasive, more effective and a more gentle dental experience for patients. The grinding dental drill, injections, numb lips and the fear associated with going to the dentist is something of the past and may be coming to an end sooner than we think.

Limited spaces are still available for participants of the Mastership in Laser Dentistry Course. More information is available at www.scivisionmedical.com/events or telephonically on 012 665 3541.

Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht having fun with dental lasers will be lecturing to SA Mastership Programme delegates.

Prof. Dr. Norbert Gutknecht:

  • Director of RWTH Aachen University's Dental Laser Centre (AALZ)
  • President of the German Society of Laser Dentistry (DGL)
  • Executive Director of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD)

See course details at www.scivisionmedical.com/events