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Posted 11/10/2016 in Category 1

The “FLIE” Principle!

The “FLIE” Principle!

Our aim and mission at SciVision is to help our customers F-L-I-E.

The “F-L-I-E” Principle!

F – Fun: Have fun and enjoy what you do!

L – Lead: Be a leader in your field; set the pace; set the standard!

I – Inspiration: Get inspired and make what you do inspire others!

E – Education: Never stop developing and growing yourself. Live your potential!

– F : Fun. Having fun is vitally important to our lives, especially also our professions. Never underestimate the power of the right technology and training to change and benefit the way you perform. You will be able to do things with greater efficiency, as well as things you never did before!

– L : Lead. We want our laser practitioners to be leaders in their profession. Leaders in their knowledge and in the way in which they treat their patients; and in the success of their practices.

– I : Inspiration. Being inspired by what you do and how you do it, is a huge part of being truly successful. If you are not inspired, then how can you expect your customers to be inspired by your service/treatment! Working with our technology and training will go a long way in being inspired by the new way you can perform clinically, emotionally and financially.

– E : Education. Education empowers, it is on-going, it keeps you ahead of the crowd, and it is worth the effort. Through education, you will discover that the investment into training and good technology – will be far outweighed by the tremendous rewards you will receive through the success and joy of having fun & building a successful practice (and life)!