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Posted 15/01/2017 in Category 1

WaterLase Spotlight: John Blaich, D.M.D.

WaterLase Spotlight: John Blaich, D.M.D.

Dr. John Blaich graduated with his D.M.D. from Washington University School of Dental Medicine, St. Louis, MO in 1986. He practices with his brother, Rick Blaich, and two nephews, Eric Blaich and Travis Blaich, as Dental Arts Group in Poplar Bluff, MO. Dr. Blaich is a relatively new WaterLase Dentist, integrating WaterLase technology into his practice in January of this year.


In the first 42 days of using the WaterLase, Dr. Blaich has been recording every procedure, the tip used, and fees/codes that he has done with his WaterLase iPlus. Since his training, Dr. Blaich has completed over 300 procedures, including 56 REPAIR cases, 14 crown lengthenings, 68 class I, 90 class II, 128 class III/IV, 74 class V, and 35 miscellaneous procedures (including frenectomies oral lesions, etc.). He originally purchased his WaterLase iPlus for perio, however as you can see he is doing a lot more. He is now able to do more for his patients in a single visit and is getting better results than traditional modalities.

Dr. Blaich decided to invest in a WaterLase iPlus after attending a lecture from Dr. Sam Low at the Hinman Dental Meeting in 2015. Dr. Low demonstrated the advantages of WaterLase iPlus and was thorough in explaining how patients would benefit, from the gamut of restorations to numerous periodontal procedures.

“If I can treat more perio cases without referral, which alone would be worth the laser to me..."

“The closest periodontist is over an hour away from my practice. The benefits of laser technology treating periodontal patients was without question,” said Dr. John Blaich. “If I can treat more perio cases without referral, which alone would be worth the laser to me; this is my target area for its use.” He added, “What seems to be the biggest advantage, however, is the ability to deliver multiple restorations in various quadrants without the need of an anesthetic in almost all instances. This ability has been a huge benefit for my pedo patients. This has led to a higher gross per hour per patient.”

Dr. Blaich has been impressed thus far with the educational, technical, and customer support from BIOLASE. Through his WCLI educational pathway, he has had training with WCLI instructor Dr. Jeffrey Harrison for his WaterLase Core Training and Dr. William Chen for his Advanced Laser Training Course. Both of these trainings provided Dr. Blaich with instilled confidence and the tools and resources necessary to be a WaterLase Dentist.

“BIOLASE has developed an excellent tool that has quickly become an integral part of my practice,” said Dr. Blaich. “They have assembled a fantastic group of instructors to train and guide the user including basic and advanced training,” he added. “The company appears very solid. A tour of their facility in Irvine, CA left me with the impression that they are very dedicated and heavily invested in research and development.”