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Dr Sune Bosman

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Cape Town, 8001

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Making Kiddie Dentistry Epic in Green Point, Cape Town!

Meet lovely Dr Sune Bosman, an experienced dentist with a passion for treating kids (big and small) to the best of her ability in oral healthcare. Within a high-tech dental practice like at Dr Bryan Sher in Green Point, she incorporates the benefits of the BIOLASE Epic Laser in Endodontics for much deeper and lateral disinfection of the canals for advanced outcomes, as well as in periodontal care, gentle tongue-ties, frenectomies and gummy smiles, faster and less painful movement of orthodontic brackets and much more.

Want to brighten your smile? Epic Laser Whitening is fast and powerful in under one hour, including the pre-treatment Epic pain therapy to remove the chance of that well-known whitening pain. That’s why it’s totally Epic!

The charm of soft tissue lasers in dentistry go beyond just gentle surgery, but also offer quick treatment of oral ulcers, dry sockets, achieves amazing haemostasis in the way it seals lymphatic vessels, less need for stitches and post surgical swelling is actually something of the past with BIOLASE Epic Photobiomodulation to speed up recovery.

Children enjoy wearing their protective laser glasses. The Epic laser is also faster, more gentle and just awesome modern laser technology for soft tissue, pain therapy, healing and whitening!

This well established dental practice in Green Point offers a great variety of laser-supported treatments with their flagship BIOLASE Laser, the Waterlase. 

Visit Dr Sune Bosman in Green Point for Epic Laser Dentistry!

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