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Posted by Member on 07/01/2021

Why You Should Choose a Laser Dentist for Teen Braces

Why You Should Choose a Laser Dentist for Teen Braces

Nothing says summertime like brace-face. If your youngster (or you) needs to be straightened out with orthodontic procedures, consider laser treatment. Gentle dental lasers emit a ray of concentrated energy that delivers a narrow pulse, which removes very specific areas of tissue.

Some lasers are designed for teeth and bone and others are used for soft tissue. Orthodontists use soft tissue lasers for all sorts of nifty procedures to keep your little darling comfortable. Here are a few benefits of laser assisted dentistry:

Faster healing

Mouth lesions can sometimes occur adjacent to the braces. They’re painful as heck and a laser can help desensitize the area and accelerate the healing process.

Precise positioning

The laser can be used to shorten muscle attachments between the lips and gums that may affect the position of teeth. The laser is precise so surrounding tissue is left intact.

Gum reshaping

Commonly called gingival contouring, gum reshaping improves the esthetic appearance of the front teeth. Sometimes the level of the gums appear to be uneven after alignment. The laser can even out the gum height for a prettier display.

Tissue removal

Sometimes teeth are partially covered with gum tissue. In order to move the teeth, a bracket must be placed, and in order to place the bracket, the excess soft tissue must go. A laser dentist can quickly remove unwanted bits for faster treatment time.

Better access

Extra tissue can develop as a consequence of poor oral hygiene, and propler cleaning can be difficult when your child has braces. The extra tissue can grow over the tooth surface and make future cleanings more difficult for your teenster. A laser dentist can remove swollen gums to allow better access to the enamel.

Pain management

Laser therapy is frequently used for dental analgesia. The laser beam stabilizes the nerve membrane and decreases pain transmission. It can be used on most baby teeth and for small restorations on adult teeth.

Laser treatment is the best option for orthodontics. It’s quick and easy and most treatment areas can be numbed with topical anesthetic (no shots). The laser disinfects as it treats, so there is little bleeding, swelling, or infection. Discomfort is similar to a sunburn and only lasts about a day.

An orthodontist who uses lasers can get your kiddo’s treatment done quicker with better long-term results.

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