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Posted 03/11/2022 in Clinician Spotlight

Dr Philip Jonsson's Green X, Max-Factor CBCT

Dr Philip Jonsson's Green X, Max-Factor CBCT

Somerset West’s Maxillofacial and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Philip Jonsson welcomes the latest Green Innovation X-Ray Technology that maximises care and quality while minimising patient exposure. 

Green Technology from the world’s number one selling brand of 3D Dental Diagnostic Equipment, Vatech.  

Dr Philip Jonnson specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions of the head, neck, jaws and oral cavity, and we are proud to announce that his surgery is home to South Africa’s first larger single-scan Green X 18. This premium CBCT maximises image quality while slashing radiation doses down by up to 75% less compared to conventional CT units. Green X low dose does not compromise quality but celebrates the industry-leading highest resolution voxel size of 50 microns (0.05mm) and the fastest scan time in 2.9 seconds, reducing motion artefacts. Multi field-of-view selections from the smallest 4X4cm volume and 49.5 micron voxel size up to the large single-scan 18x15cm FOV, options cover the full arch region, sinus, left/right TMJ and Airway Analysis, and suits most oral surgery cases and multiple implant surgeries. The images along with its latest Ez3D-i 5.2 software and its ease of use, revolutionise the diagnosis experience day-to-day as well as clinical accuracy, treatment planning and more minimally invasive and successful treatments. What’s more - in just one click on the unit’s software, the surrounding anatomical structures such as the alveolar bone can be hidden from the volume, allowing a clear view of the teeth and root canals. See Software Demo

Low-dose technology for a safer world

Vatech's ultra-low dose technology for doctors and patients

As the only manufacturer that designs and produces all essential parts of the x-ray system, Vatech never stops innovating and never gets slowed down by supply chain challenges. They are stronger than ever and developing new technologies that advance x-ray, and world-first technologies due to their rich in-house research and development infrastructure. 

Devoted to a better world, we celebrate Vatech's (once again) ground-breaking green technology. This new gold standard (in quality and dose) is here to improve lives, improve the skills of our clinical hero’s and tell more success stories!

Congratulations Dr Philip Jonsson & Team!

As a young and successful Max-fac and Oral Surgeon who is passionate about his role in providing optimal patient care and the best possible results, we wish Dr Jonsson and his team truly amazing work, more fun, more confidence, more meaning and constant reaching of new possibilities that change lives. We are also happy that under the care of Dr Jonsson, the Green X's expanded capabilities and flexibility will meet all patients' needs, whether they are his small patients, broad patients, wheelchair-bound patients or some of his super-tall Springbok patients in their green and gold! May every patient feel like a champion during their Green X x-ray experience without radiation concern but excitement!

Visit, celebrate, follow and congratulate Dr Philip Jonnson at: 

Address: Block 1, 2nd Floor, Suite 205, Mediclinic Vergelegen, Main Road, Somerset West, Cape Town

Email: info@oralsurgeonsomersetwest.co.za

Website: oralsurgeonsomersetwest.co.za

Instagram: instagram.com/drphilipjonsson/

Facebook: facebook.com/people/Dr-Philip-Jonsson/100064038881461/

FOV available to referring practitioners: 

Vatech Green X 18: FOV 18x15, 16x11, 12x9, 8x8, 8x5, 5x5, 4x4

Featuring single tooth segmentation software, Endo mode will optimise the treatment of highly-focused regions of interest. Ieal for endodontic use because the dentist is able to achieve an extraordinary image in a high-resolution voxel size.

Learn more about Green X CBCT

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