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Posted 30/05/2023 in Clinician Spotlight

International Dentistry Features Vatech CBCT Users - May 2023

International Dentistry Features Vatech CBCT Users - May 2023

The latest Vatech CBCT units make diagnosis EXTRAORDINARY at these #SupderDentistry practices. These practices don't only SEE MORE but also DO MORE truly minimally invasive, gentle and biological dentistry with their BIOLASE Dental Lasers that disinfect like nothing else can, can perform countless bloodless surgeries faster and more gently, and overall enhance and speed up your needed procedure's success. The days they spend at their practice are not ordinary. They have chosen technology that makes your oral health needs crystal clear, no guessing, a low radiation experience, and are ready to restore your smile and oral health in the most efficient way.

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What I like about the Vatech Green X 18 is the image quality and the effortless integration with other software. This makes surgical planning easier and also allows for more predictable outcomes."Image quality really sets it apart from other CBCT machines I’ve dealt with in the past. It saves time and sets up a morefficient and effective digital workflow in my practice."

Dr Philip Johnson 

  • Maxillofacial & Reconstructive
  • Surgeon Mediclinica Somerset West 
  • BSc (Stell), BChD (UWC), DipOralSurg(SA) MCHD MFOS (UWC)
  • Unit: Vatech Green X
    • 4-in-1: CBCT / Pano / Model Scan / Rapid Ceph Optional
    • 4x4, 5x5, 8x5, 8x8, 16x11, 18x15 [23x18 Double Scan]

Specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions of the head, neck, jaws and oral cavity,
Dr Jonsson's Somerset West Mediclinic practice is home to SA’s first Green X 18. An ideal choice with its range of

single-scan fields of view, 4x4 to 18X15, and double scan 23x18. A.I. Implant Planning and Orthagnatic Surgery Planning is also just what the doctor ordered!

Vatech's Green X models slash radiation doses by up to 75% compared to conventional CT, and maximises image quality, achieving the highest resolution voxel size of 49.5 microns (0.05mm), the finest pixel CBCT on the market today. One of the reasons being the fastest 3D scan time of 2.9 seconds, reducing motion artefacts greatly due to less patient movement!

Full article on Dr Philip Jonsson at scivisionmedical.com/clinicianblog

Dr Sanchia Jauch

  • Cosmetic & General Dentist
  • Windhoek, Namibia
  • BChD (UWC), Mast. Lasers (AALZ); Dip. Aesth. Med (AAAM),
  • PG Dip. Oral Implant. (UP)
  • NDA Current President
  • Unit: Green X 
    • Pan, CBCT, Model Scan, Rapid Ceph
    • 4x4, 5x5, 8x5, 8x8, 12x9, 16x9 [15x16 Double Scan]

Dr Sanchia Jauch's renowned practice in Windhoek provides advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry for the whole family. Committed to the highest quality patient care, minimally invasive techniques are guided by premium Green CBCT diagnostics, and treated by BIOLASE  laser-supported procedures.

We asked Dr Jauch, Why Green X?

  • Tech-savvy features - my favourite, the Endo function.
  • Fastest exposure times, therefore low dose!
  • "Superb Image Quality" said one of our Health Ministers.
  • Orthodontic planning has never been so good!
  • The after sales support provided by SciVision.

Endo Segmenting feature?  In just one click, the surrounding anatomical structures such as the tooth or alveolar bone can be hidden, allowing a clearer view of the teeth and / root canals.

Legendary Endodontist, Dr Boela van der Merwe also chose Green X for its 0.05 voxel 4x4 FOV and Segmented Root Canal view. (See video below or at scivisionmedical.com/greenx)


As the world's #1 CBCT X-ray provider, Korea's Vatech leads the US and Asia markets.

They develop new technology that advance x-ray technology.

Vatech is the only manufacturer that designs and produces all essential parts of the dental imaging system, including software, x-ray tube and digital sensor. Hence, their quality control and innovations are unmatched. Their 'Value Added TECHnology' commitment revolves around the care and support that accompanies their state of the art technology, such as 5-year full parts warranties, optional 10 year warranties, With accelerated growth worldwide, 2022 saw the highest sales in Vatech's history in SA in partnership with SciVision Medical.

Their flagship 4-in-1 CBCT units, Green X and Smart Plus offers multiple fields of view, Model Scan, CBCT, Pano and optional Rapid Ceph.

Dr Kobus Swart

  • Ermelo, South Africa
  • BChD (Pret), Dip. Odont (Ortho) (UWC), Dip. Odont (Oral Pathology) (Pret)
  • Unit: Vatech A9
    • CBCT, Pan, Rapid Ceph Optional 
    • 8X8, 9.3X8 Anatomical

New to the Vatech family is the A9 CBCT, Pano and Rapid Ceph, recently launched with one fundamental FOV 9.3X8 Anatomical, has finally made the benefits of CBCT diagnostics a reality for so many South African dental practices. "The A9  has created so much new work that would otherwise have been missed easily. I really enjoy the digital workflow, and I'm stunned by how much it advances our work," said Dr Kobus Swart.


Dr Chris Traut

  • Bryantston, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • BChD (UWC), Dip. Adv. Rest. & Aesth.Dentistry (IAA)
  • Unit: Vatech Smart Plus
    • CBCT, Pano, Model Scan, Rapid Ceph
    • 5x5, 10x8.5cm (12x9 Anatomical), 10x7

The Vatech 'Smart Plus' CBCT which captures 2D and 3D simultaneously was an exquisite option for Dr Chris Traut's advanced aesthetic and ortho cases, with Rapid Ceph.

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Maximise your CBCT use by joining Dr Philip Jonsson along with Dr's Bryan Sher & Jacques Ferreira at the next power-packed course. Any new Vatech / SciVision CBCT includes training and the Interpretation Course. See cbctcourse.com

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