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Posted 10/05/2024 in Dental Industry News

Leading South Korean company, Vatech donates their latest cutting-edge dental imaging 3D X-Ray to the University of the Western Cape Faculty of Dentistry & Tygerberg Dental Hospital

Leading South Korean company, Vatech donates their latest cutting-edge dental imaging 3D X-Ray to the University of the Western Cape Faculty of Dentistry & Tygerberg Dental Hospital

Vatech, the world's leading manufacturer of dental X-ray technology is proud to announce their donation of the state-of-the-art CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), Panoramic and Cephalometric X-ray system, the Green X 18 with Rapid Ceph, to the esteemed University of the Western Cape Faculty of Dentistry and Tygerberg Dental Hospital in collaboration with South African supplier, SciVision Medical. This partnership not only underscores Vatech's commitment to advancing dental education and promoting sustainable healthcare practices but also reflects SciVision Medical's dedication to providing top-notch service and education to a significant training and research centre for the South African dental industry and in fact the world. With this, Vatech also celebrates the establishment of the Vatech South Africa branch and together with SciVision Medical, are committed to further enhance education and development with the new partnership with UWC which will also benefit the many Vatech users of South Africa. 

Vatech announced: "We are thrilled to contribute to UWC’s Faculty of Dentistry's mission of excellence in dental education. Vatech's mission to break down global healthcare barriers, and caring for underserved people with our technology aligns true to the goals of the university hospital. The Green X, 3-in-1 x-ray system is the industry's finest technology with the smallest voxel size to achieve the highest resolution, AI automated Panoramic imaging and the new Rapid Ceph in 1.9 seconds minimises patient motion artifacts for a more accurate diagnostic image. Vatech are pioneers of premium image quality, chic design combined with low dose x-ray systems. The Green X unit chosen for UWC is an unrivalled technological phenomenon that will catapult the university's commitment to first class healthcare, empowering students, lecturers, and the radiology team with the latest technology that ultimately benefits patients and advances dental care. Without the expertise of SciVision Medical's invaluable support in terms of installation, training, and preparation of the ceremony, this transformative donation would not have been possible."

UWC strives to continue to be recognised as a “green university” in environmental stewardship. Therefore, the Green X machine known for its low radiation dose and energy efficiency, is an appropriate choice in advancing the university's academic and clinical capabilities most efficiently. Achieving image accuracy was the x-ray industry’s challenge of the early and mid 20th century, and thereafter the challenge has been reducing the radiation dose to patients. Vatech has reduced the scan time of dental CT scans of 24 seconds to below 3 seconds.” [More about how Vatech achieved their low dose and premium image quality can be learned in the YouTube video “Evolution of X-Ray by Vatech”] 

SciVision Medical’s X-Ray trainer, Renso De Jager emphasised the significance of this collaboration, stating, "UWC’s Dental School and Tygerberg Dental Hospital share the ground and institution, enabling the public and students to benefit from the combination of hands-on clinical care, education as well as global research. With the partnership of Vatech's Green X unit in the X-Ray department, we can we offer all patients the diagnostic needs they require for their respective treatments and also assist the various departments with their case planning such as the latest in Ceph images and tracing, AI implant and endodontic planning, Orthognathic planning, and full reporting tools, to name a few."

The unit’s advanced features will revolutionise dental imaging at Tygerberg Dental Hospital, benefiting patients with high-quality imaging and providing invaluable educational opportunities for UWC students and lecturers. The Radiologists and Radiographers echoed these sentiments, emphasising the importance of state-of-the-art imaging technology in educational, government institutions and patient care.

The official donation ceremony took place on the 9th of May 2024 with the Western Cape's MEC of Health, Nomafrench Mbombo, uniting key stakeholders, the university faculty, students, Vatech and SciVision representatives, to celebrate dental education's advancement and flourishing healthcare solutions.

Vatech remains committed to driving innovation in dental imaging technology and empowering dental professionals worldwide to deliver superior patient care. This donation exemplifies Vatech's mission to create a healthier and more sustainable future for communities around the globe.

User Training for All Vatech Users

Vatech also announced that their donation coincides with their establishment of an official Vatech South African branch lead up by Eric Chang as Managing Director for Vatech SA, in partnership with SciVision Medical. MD of Vatech SA, Eric announced that their donation will be accompanied by in depth training to all users to ensure maximising the unit's capabilities. Certified and CPD approved user training will be hosted for all Vatech users of South Africa at UWC monthly, (as well as in Gauteng at SciVision Medical's Training Centre). Vatech users throughout Southern Africa are encouraged to sign up for free user training events at scivisionmedical.com/events


About Vatech: 

Vatech is the leading manufacturer of dental X-ray technology worldwide. It is committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower dental professionals to provide exceptional patient care and social responsibility. With a focus on premium x-ray technology with the service to match, Vatech practices their mission to bring together the community for a happier life. Vatech continues to make the world a better place in their own way.


About SciVision Medical:

SciVision Medical specialises in sourcing cutting-edge technologies for dental, medical, and veterinary fields. With roots in South Africa and a Nordic office in Copenhagen, they provide top-notch sales, service, and education, empowering practitioners with innovative solutions to advance patient care and promote modern treatments.

About the University of the Western Cape Faculty of Dentistry:

The University of the Western Cape Faculty of Dentistry is dedicated to excellence in dental education, research, and community engagement. Recognised for its commitment to social justice and sustainability, the faculty is pivotal in advancing oral healthcare in South Africa and beyond.

Photograph: (Left to right) Eric Chang (MD of Vatech SA, Franc Jang (MD Vatech UK), Peter Doubell (CEO SciVision Medical), Renso De Jager (Vatech/SciVision CBCT Trainer).

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