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Posted 04/02/2020 in Clinician Spotlight



Dr Irène Amrore describes how the Green 16 3D imaging system from Vatech meets her requirements for advanced implant dentistry.

Since qualifying in Nigeria in 1994, I have always been interested in surgical dentistry and have worked in a few UK hospitals as a Senior House Officer / Staff Grade Oral Surgeon.
Starting in late 2004, I focused my practice on dental implants and obtained a Master’s Degree in implant dentistry from the University of Warwick (in 2012) and gained full membership with the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (MFGDP) UK.
I am also a registered mentor with the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) UK, and still provide ongoing implant dentistry mentoring and training in association with Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and various private clinics in Nigeria.

In my practice, I strive to offer my patients the best contemporary treatments available to make their journey to oral rehabilitation smooth. On a regular basis, I undertake all the bone grafting procedures needed by my patients, including sinus lifts, soft tissue augmentation surgeries and harvesting bone from intra-oral sites for the purpose of augmenting deficient bone. I also place zygomatic implants when this is called for.

For this last reason, I have needed a CBCT machine with a wider field of view (FOV), so I could visualise the zygomatic arches. The fact that I previously needed to refer my patients outside my practice for such scans, delayed their treatment for zygomatic implants and caused me some anxiety.

In an attempt to enhance my workflow, I sought a new CBCT scanner for my second practice – one that had an adequate FOV for the type of dental implantology I intended to undertake on a regular basis, enabling me to deliver an all-round, inhouse solution. Initially, I found a model that I thought would be suitable. However, I was then introduced to Vatech when a leaflet was sent to me through the ADI. I called Vatech to make some enquiries and was kindly told that they could provide a machine with a wider FOV than the one I had already ordered. I was informed about the all-new Green 16 model, a 4-in-1 (Pano, CBCT, Model Scan, optional Ceph) digital X-ray unit that can provide an impressive 16x9cm CBCT FOV which was exactly what I needed. I immediately cancelled my previous purchase plans and put in the order for the Green 16 from Vatech.


I have been using the system for approximately four months and I think it is absolutely great.
The images are very clear and the machine itself is very user friendly. The 2D and 3D image manipulation software that is supplied from Vatech - the EzDent-i and Ez3D-i - are excellent for generating comprehensive reports and planning very complicated implant treatments effectively yet easily. It has a lot of useful features, such as the 3D Pano interface that allows you to immediately review your CT scans in sectional view over 360 degrees. This helps you communicate to the patient exactly what the procedure entails effectively, thus aiding case acceptance and conversion. It also includes sets of treatment procedure videos categorised into dental specialities that can be used to visually illustrate treatments to patients.

Now, I don’t think I could enjoy my practise of implant dentistry the way I do now without the Green 16 X-ray system. The ability to scan with a CBCT system in-house is so important to my workflow – I really couldn’t manage without it. I can obtain all the information I need effectively and efficiently, allowing me to start treatment plans immediately. I am also happy with the small 5x5cm field of view – it is wide enough to suit my needs. While I have used CBCT machines in the past that provide a very small FOV, the Green 16’s 5x5cm is ideal for single implant cases. I think being able to see the surrounding teeth, even when dealing with a small section of the mouth is crucial, as it allows you to monitor how the implant will interact with the rest of the patient’s dentition. What is furthermore impressive about the Green 16 is its radiation output: it is one of the lowest I have ever encountered which in no way reduces the quality of the images. The Green 16’s 3D model scan capabilities are incredibly useful too, as it allows for CAD/CAM integration and a guided implant surgery workflow.

For practitioners who are unsure whether to make the investment, I can safely say that if they are placing implants, or thinking about doing so, a CBCT with high quality imaging like this one is essential. As such, I would certainly recommend the Green 16 from Vatech.
The customer service is superb – they have made me feel valued as a customer and a practitioner!’


Dr. Irène Amrore

Green 16

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