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Posted 19/12/2022 in Dental Industry News

Vatech records record sales in South Africa at close of 2022

Vatech records record sales in South Africa at close of 2022

December 2022 

Vatech, a global leader in the dental imaging market has been experiencing accelerated growth worldwide, more and more quarterly sales records, and now their highest sales in their history in South Africa, in partnership with SciVision Medical.


Even growth is consistently reported year on year across all countries and product groups due to ongoing innovations and strengthening of the product line-up. Sales in the US and Europe increased by over 30% each, year on year; in Asia, such as India and Vietnam, sales have also increased remarkably. Reinforcing global premium brand awareness through differentiated customer service, especially strengthened with customers during the COVID-19 period. As the only manufacturer that designs and manufactures all essential parts of the dental imaging system, including software, Vatech is saved from supply-chain issues, committed to their own product, service development, customers, their investment, and their patients.


The sales of CBCT units, with the launch of new products sequentially, the premium CT “Green X” and "Green X 18" celebrates superb imaging with low radiation. From its 4x4cm volume with highest resolution endo segmentation, to large volume single scan volumes up to 18x15cm, or 23x18cm by double scan if needed. Vatech also introduced an entry-level CT, the “A9” which helped many practices acquire their first CT. A steady best-seller, the PaX-i3D Smart is now upgraded to “Smart Plus,” with an enhanced sensor to turbo-charge Pans and CT images, and now comes standard with model scan, still renders the Smart feature of a Pan and CT in one scan, in one viewer, as well as the differentiating extended arch-shape FOV 12x9 for impacted third molars. Furthermore, all Vatech CT Ceph units now come standard with new Rapid Ceph technology. Cephs in 1.9 seconds – faster than you can say “cephalometric!” Rapid Ceph minimises motion artifacts, enables faster diagnostic workflow and the highest quality images. Customers have come to praise the consistent "MAR" function, now known as "ART-V" (Artifact Reduction Technology of Vatech) that provides confidence in clear images and accurate diagnosis for implant planning. 

The award-winning intraoral x-ray ‘EzRay Air’ which applied carbon nanotube technology (CNT) for the first time (and a world-first achievement in the medical industry), increased global sales by almost 40% year on year. As it is a basic dental diagnostic equipment, it has established itself as the best-selling product regardless of market maturity. [Source vatech.com/news/38956]

In addition, the EzScan Intraoral Scanner and Perfit Zirconia products (dental prosthetic materials) are new additions to the Vatech family. 


Vatech and SciVision plan to further strengthen product training, customer experience and continued CT education with more CBCT Interpretation Courses in South Africa in early 2023, connecting and continually inspiring users to get the most out of their practice-changing investment. See Courses /  Request Notification


Vatech celebrates the following number one positions:

  • No. 1 market share for Dental X-ray in Korea
  • No. 1 in sales of 3D Dental Diagnostic Equipment worldwide
  • No. 1 market share for Intraoral Sensor worldwide
  • No. 1 market share 3D X-ray in the US
  • No. 1 market share for Dental X-ray Diagnostic Software worldwide
  • No. 1 market share for Dental X-ray in Southeast Asia
  • No. 1 market share for 2D X-ray in China
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