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Green Point - Laser Workshop (Intro/Refresher)

Green Point - Laser Workshop (Intro/Refresher)

Green Point Venue TBA

Start Time
18/08/2022 6:00 pm
End Time
18/08/2022 8:00 pm

Intro to Lasers in Dentistry

*Warm up with a Laser and General Knowledge Quiz

This 2-3 hour session (depending on how much practical experience you'd like after the intro/refresher lecture) will equip practitioners in a fun way, with deeper understanding, confidence and enthusiasm on this exciting technology in dentistry and aesthetics, the laser-tissue-interaction, and also expose you to further educational opportunities, online and in-person. 
*This session is also recommended for receptionists and practice managers to learn about how lasers advance the practice and benefit patients. 
  • 2-3 CPD Points (1 per hour)
  • Intro Lecture
  • Demonstration & Experience Opportunity
    • Roll up your sleeves, put on your laser glasses and enjoy an experience on the world’s most loved lasers on various tissues using BIOLASE’s soft and hard-tissue lasers, the best-selling Epic X Diode and Waterlase lasers. 
    • An extended hands-on experience can be enjoyed on this evening or arranged in-practice after this intro workshop.
    • Time balance will vary slightly according to group and questions whether needing more science or experience
  • Recommended for Dentists, Specialists, Hygienists, Assistants & Team

  • Benefits of laser-assisted treatments compared to traditional tools only
  • How the different types of lasers work
  • Laser applications in Perio and Periimplantitis treatment
  • Endodontic treatment (cleaning and disinfection)
  • Surgical procedures (eg. gingivectomy, frenectomy, biopsy)
  • Other treatments (eg. apthous ulcers, cold sores, troughing, coagulation, dry-sockets, teeth whitening, de-bonding cemented crown/veneers, etc.)
  • The important aspects on deciding which laser meets your needs - wavelength, versatility, training, support and marketing
  • How to integrate laser dentistry into your practice on a clinical and financial level
  • Following this workshop, you may request an in-practice trial with the guidance of a BIOLASE laser trainer.

Workshop qualifies you to:
an online video course created by the World Clinical Laser Institute
followed by an optional BIOLASE Diode Certification Exam
FREE in-practice LASER DEMO on a patient
within a 0-150km radius of our various offices
within 8 weeks of the laser workshop.
Outlying areas may be possible by arrangement.

BIOLASE Laser training is on-going and this is the first workshop we invite you to attend on the exciting road to becoming a Laser Dentist. 

DID YOU KNOW? The Waterlase all-tissue dental laser provides a safe alternative to the dental drill and generates 90% less aerosols (check it out). Waterlase treatments are faster, gentler, and have faster recovery times than the drill.
The Epic diode laser is a wonderful tool that destroys virus, bacteria and fungus. “The EPIC 940nm Diode is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-bacterial, haemostatic, and promotes good quality healing. It offers many clinical applications other than just surgery. Every dentist should have one!” Dr Mark Cronshaw, UK. 

Laser-supported dentistry enables minimally invasive techniques with more precision, less bleeding and post-operative pain, also saving the practitioner and patient valuable time. 
Lasers expand your clinical repertoire, reducing the need to refer certain cases elsewhere, and attracts referrals rather.

This intro or refresher workshop offers dental practitioners an overview on the most advanced technology in dentistry, the different types of lasers, and the great variety of every-day laser procedures using soft- and hard-tissue lasers.
Hear about the new normal in clinical cases performed with laser. Learn about new handpieces, new laser tips, and how exactly lasers expand your clinical offering, save you and your patients time, differentiate your practice and grow your revenue and enjoyment by discussing return on investment.

BIOLASE is fortunate to have a large community of hundreds of BIOLASE users in Southern Africa (and internationally) who guide and support each other. 

Laser education from short courses, post-graduate Diploma to Master of Science Degree level is available and developing new laser leaders year on year. 
Whether you have a laser or not, start learning and sharing in the magic of lasers!