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To help promote air safety awareness within your surgery, we have provided free downloadable marketing literature for you to use within your surgery and social media outlets.

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Follow and Tag us in your posts @medicair_sa as we would love to share your practice's clean air with the public.

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2 Mobile Apps

MedicAir + MedicAir Data (New)





The new MedicAir Data app works conjunctively with the original MedicAir App.

> Download them from your Mobile App Store (Apple or Google) by searching MedicAir.


Together you will be able to:

  • Track the air quality in your facility over time
  • Export and use the data to better understand and communicate the IAQ across your facilities.

Once logged into the app, you will be able to see the air quality readings of all your MedicAir units and export the data into useful charts and data sets.

The app will show you the average air quality readings per day, week, month and year, as well as the readings from each individual unit.


"Designed to be super easy and safe"

  • The fundamentals to the maintenance for each unit requires the changing of your MedicAir / DentAir filter on average once a year, dependant on the quality of your air.
  • The MedicAir / DentAir products utilise an 'integrated filter cartridge' - so all you ever need to replace is this one cartridge and all filters/technologies are replaced at once.
  • This includes HEPA H13 Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and a 24W UVC bulb. [Available from SciVision Medical orders@scivisionmedical.com]
  • Each individual MedicAir / DentAir will flash red on the screen when it's filter has 10% lifetime remaining.
  • The process to change the filter is very easy - and full instructions come with the replacement 'filter cartridges' in the box.
  • This process takes 1-2 minutes to complete and can be completed by anyone – a simple picture guide is included in the package.
  • Other maintenance simply involves wiping the unit down with a generic alcohol wipe - at the user's discretion to keep the surfaces clean.

Replacement Filter Cartridges

For your convenience, all MedicAir® and DentAir® filters have been integrated into one easy to replace filter cartridge. Your filter cartridge will need to be replaced approximately every 9 months, although your individual unit will inform you when it has 10% filter life-time remaining.

Filter cartridge set

x1 H13 HEPA Filter

x1 Granulated Carbon Filter

x1 24W UV-C Bulb

Filter Cartridge Replacement Manual

To order Replacement Filter Cartridges:


Email orders@scivisionmedical.com

Call +27 12 665 2595 / 3541

Mobile +27 84 405 8025


Email orders@scivisionmedical.com

Call +230 5949 4437


Email nordic@scivisionmedical.com

Call +45 71 80 04 62

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