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Vatech EzRay Air Portable X-Ray 

The world's first dental application of Carbon Nano Technology

Double scatter shield in one

Smart angulation for optimal results

One dial for all function

[Save R9 544.09 /12%]

Now R69 990 incl. vat

Normally R79 534.09

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Pax-i 2D Panoramic X-Ray

The Advanced Pan Imaging Solution

Advanced Image Quality with PaX-i Plus Model Sensor

Ceph Option comes standard with New Rapid Ceph in 1.9 seconds minimizes motion artifacts and enables faster diagnostics

EzDent-i Software & Consultation

2D Implant Planning Software

Bitewing, TMJ & Sinus Exposure Programmes

TWAIN Software to integrate with non Vatech 

Includes PC + Medical Grade Screen, Extraoral Phantom, Radiation License

Warranty 5 Years

Rent-to-Own from R300 per day including vat. *Subject to credit approval and terms with an independent finance provider. 

*Free Upgrade to PaX-i Plus model with improved sensor technology

*We Price Match [Terms & Conditions Apply]

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Vatech. Here.

"The only manufacturer that designs and produces all essential parts of the dental x-ray system, including software." This dedication to the total production of the dental x-ray saves us from supply chain issues or delays. 


The Start of your CBCT Journey!

Pan / CBCT / Rapid Ceph Optional

8X8, 9.3X8 Anatomical

Integral FOV for CBCT + Extended "Arch-Shaped Volume" showing hidden area

Ceph unit features new Rapid Ceph in 1.9 seconds minimizing motion artifacts and enabling faster diagnostic workflow


Save R100k now 

From R470 per day incl. Vat

A9 CBCT with Rapid Ceph

Save R89k now 

From R650 per day incl. vat

*Subject to credit approval and terms with an independent finance provider. 

*We Price Match [Terms & Conditions Apply]

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Smart Plus 

1 Scan, 2 Images

Pan / CBCT / Rapid Ceph Optional

5x5, 10x8.5cm (12x9 Anatomical), 10x7

One scan, Two Images (CBCT + Auto Pan) 

Conventional Pan Mode also available
2D Bitewings, TMJ and Sinus Exposures Included
MAGIC PAN for even more superb pan images, clearer especially in the incisor and canine region, TMJ areas and root canal
3D Scanning for Model
CT and Auto Pano images in "One Viewer"
Extended Arch-Shaped FOV for Impacted 3rd Molars
Optional new Rapid Ceph in 1.9 seconds, minimizes motion artifacts and enables faster diagnostic

Save R100 000 on current stock
*Includes Free Upgrade to higher model, Smart Plus 
*Rent-to-Own from R772 per day including vat

*Subject to credit approval and terms with an independent finance provider. 

*We Price Match [Terms & Conditions Apply]

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Vatech Perfit ZR

Perfect Aesthetic Zirconia Solution

1. Excellent Traslucency
2. Top Quality Zirconia Disc
3. Perfect Colour Reproduction

Now Launching

Less 10% all Zirconia Discs

Now from R3 376 - R 3 788 incl. vat Per Disc

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Premium Quality

Genuine Woodpecker Warranties

Sold & Supported by SciVision Medical


Ultimate Curing Light with Caries Detector

2-Year Warranty

[Save R9 950 / 50%]

Now R9 950.00 incl. vat

Normally R19 900.00

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Curing Light

2-Year Warranty

[Save R2 807 / 36%]

Now R4 990 incl. vat

Normally R7 797.00

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Dental Scaler & Polisher

2 Year Warranty Main Unit; 1 Year Warranty Handpiece

Free O-Light II Curing Light with your PT-A now

[Value R7 780]

Now R87 438.00 incl. vat

Rent-to-Own Estimate: R2 234 incl. vat per month / 60 months

Claim vat back monthly as operating expense

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Dental Air Polisher

Year Warranty Main Unit; 1 Year Warranty Handpiece

[Save R5 500 / 10%]

Now R49 500.00 incl. vat 

Normally R55 000.00

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Star Pen

Anaesthesia System

2 Year Warranty

[Save R1 388 / 10%]

Now R12 490.00 incl. vat

Normally R13 878.00

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Endo Pace

Endo Motor

2 Year Warranty

[Save R2387 / 23%]

Now R7 990.00 incl. vat

Normally R10 376.62

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Fi-P Fi-G Combo

Obturation System

2 Year Warranty

Save R4 958.50 / 15%

Now R16 141.50 incl. vat

Normally R21 100.00

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Electric Injection

2 Year Warranty

Save R2 380 / 16%

Now R12 490.00 incl. vat

Normally R14 870.00

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NEW: 4th Generation Piezo Bone Surgery

Extreme High Efficiency

2 Year Warranty (Main Unit); 1 Year Warranty (Contra-Angle)

Dr Howard Gluckman: "Man oh man, I have never used such a powerful machine - not by a little bit, but by far." "Did a ramus block today - went through the bone like a hot knife through butter! Took me 5 min to harvest a massive block. Used the (Waterlase) laser to debride the tissue as well."

[Save R9 909 / 10%]

Now R89 089.20

Normally R98 998.00

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Dental Implant Motor

2 Year Warranty (Main Unit); 1 Year Warranty (Contra-Angle)

Your favourite assistant of high-precision dental implanting treatment.

(includes 20:1 H/piece).

Used for high-precision dental implant procedures. Provides the dentist with controlled speed and torque to increase accuracy.

Quiet high-quality Swiss motor, increases comfort and reduces anxiety in patients.

[Save R8 520.90 / 15%]

Now R48 285.10

Normally R56 806.00

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Electric Motor Kit

2 Year Warranty Main Unit; 1 Year Warranty Contra-Angle

[Save R5 796 / 15%]

Now R32 844.00

Normally R38 640.00

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Ultimate Air Purifier

Save R7 497.50 / Less 25%

Now R22 492.50 incl. vat

Or a 12 Month Interest-Free Payment Plan @ R2500 p/m

White MedicAir 1.0 Units Only

Normally R29 990 incl. vat [Price Increase Imminent]

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Epic 10 / X Diode Laser

2 Year Warranty

Indications: Soft-Tissue, Photobiomodulation, Pain Therapy & Whitening

The Portable & Powerful Diode for the Whole Dental Team and every dentist needs. The system features new software technology and a new cordless foot pedal, among other notable innovations. Get quick surgical, pain relief and whitening capabilities at your fingertips!

Optional Extra's:

+ Free WCLI Athens 2-Day Event Ticket* [Value R11 500]

+ 20% Discount to Advanced Laser Course with Dr Mark Cronshaw on 20 January 2023 in Centurion or 21 January 2023 in Cape Town. [Save R500 as a BIOLASE Owner*] 

+ WCLI Diode Training with Online Exam and Certificate [Value R3 500]

+ Contour Healing/Whitening Handpiece or the large Deep Tissue Handpiece with a 30% combo discount [Save R8 571.43 per handpiece with Epic laser unit].

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Terms & Conditions Apply

Valid while seats and stock lasts

Advanced Laser-Supported Techniques
1-Day Course with Dr Mark Cronshaw (UK)
*Certified by England's De Montfort University, Leicester
*Minimum 6 CPD Points


  • R2 500 including vat


Centurion: Fri 20 Jan 2023

Cape Town: Sat 21 Jan 2023

As a leading edge researcher, clinician and laser trainer from London, Dr Mark Cronshaw will advance existing lasers' understanding to producing the result more reliably and predictably. Also recommended for University affiliated clinicians and Academics. 

  • Periodontics & Peri-Implantitis
  • Soft-Tissue Surgery
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Photobiomodulation (PBM) & Dose
  • Oral Surgery, Medicine & Pathology
  • Request your most-wanted topic/s to advance knowledge in when booking your seat in the booking form, for intermediate to advanced level laser user training. Booking Form

Request foundational training and practical experience from SciVision in order to maximise your learning on this course. info@scivisionmedical.com

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WCLI Europe Forum

Athens, Greece

12-13 May 2023

Free Event Tickets with the Purchase of the Epic 10 Diode Laser

Multiple Speakers

  • Dr. David Kim - USA: Harvard School of Dental Medicine (Perio)
  • Dr. Marina Polonsky - Canada: Chief editor for JLAD (Journal of Laser-Assisted Dentistry) and a peer-reviewer for LIDS (Lasers in Dental Science) by Springer.
  • Dr. Fernando Meza - USA: University of Maryland Endo Department
  • Dr. Pilar Martin - Spain: Doctor and Dentist, European Master Degree in Oral Laser Applications...
  • Ms. Beata Knysak - UK: Hygienist & Therapist Awarded Best Dental Hygienist of the Year in the UK, 2022
  • Dr. Dimitris Strakas - Greece: Scientific Director of the Aachen Master Laser Program

View Event

Scientific Director of the Aachen Master Laser Program

Coming Soon - Pre-Order Now!


Protects your laser up to a 1 meter drop*
Military grade vibration, shock and drop test passed
Heavy grade silicon design withstands 20 G’s of shock & vibration**
Fits all Epic laser consoles (Epic 10 / X and Epic Hygiene)

Save 10% Now on Pre-Orders

Now R2 250.00 incl. vat

Normally R2 500.00 incl. vat

Email orders@scivisionmedical.com to request your pre-order

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FreeVision™ 3D Microscope


A New Perspective in Modern Dentistry

Magnification + 3D

Includes 3D TV

Made in Germany

Save R122 200 / 30%

Showroom Unit: Now R490 000.00 incl. Vat

While Stocks Last

Normal New Price: R599 990.00 incl. vat

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Labomed Mu Microscope 

High Performance at Lower Cost

A Quality Solution for Value-Driven Diagnostics

Intended for routine inspection and in screening clinical environments. A well-designed apochromatic optical system with a high output LED built directly into the microscope housing provides users with a compact solution. The arm system has been carefully designed to mitigate vibration and lower the system's center of gravity to provide a more stable, lighter weight solution.

Showroom Unit: Full House Save R49 709.85 / 15%

Now R281 689.15 incl. vat

New Options from R199 500 - R331 399 incl. vat


View Unit

Labomed DNT Microscope

For the most demanding environments

Reflects a performance-driven and modular design for the evolving needs of today's dental professional. With an intelligent LED illumination system, crisp optics, and fluid articulation, the Prima DNT is a technology leader among dental operating microscopes.

Showroom Unit upgraded to Nuvar 10  

Save R59 681.55 / 15%

Now R338 195.45 incl. Vat

New options from R249 055 - R483 947 incl. vat 


View Units

Microsurgeon Chair 

The ideal chair for Traditional Microscope users, FreeVision Microscope users, Refractive Loupes users, and all dentists that want to sit comfortably. Feel better at the end of the day as the arm rests help support the weight of your arms, and of-course our magnification solutions improve your posture by holding your head up straight and not bending your neck - all well supported by this ultimate new SciVision Dental Stool. 

[Save R2 899 / 10%]

Now R26 091.00 incl. vat

Or Interest Free 6-Payment Plan @ R4 832 p/m

Normally R28 990.00

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Orodeka Plex V Files

Engine Use Root Canal Files

Now Available in Assorted Starter Packs of 4 Files

Each blister contains 4 elements of the same type, with the exception of these two blisters with elements of assorted sizes which you can see.

View Brochure




Waterlase Express 

All-Tissue Laser



Indications: Restorative, Soft-Tissue, Perio, Implant & Endo 

Easier-to-use, portable, enables more procedures in a single visit, minimally invasively. Indicated for Restorative, Soft-Tissue, Perio, Implant & Endo.



Waterlase iPlus 

All-Tissue Laser


Indications: Restorative, Soft-Tissue, Perio, Implant, Endo & Dermatology 

Redefine the dental experience for your patients! Waterlase iPlus is the market’s best-selling all tissue dental laser.

 Now with even more expanded capabilities to help you give your patients an undeniable "wow" experience that differentiates and grows your practice.





"Microscope" Loupes

by Bryant Dental 


The world's lightest ultra-bespoke dental refractive loupes. By custom-making loupes to be as unique as you, we ensure your posture is not compromised. Every face is different, so BD Refractives are tailored to you, to be in harmony with your facial features and working posture to provide ultimate comfort and unrivalled clarity across your entire visual field.

Top of the line optical system for exponentially increased precision.

Military-grade engineered frames for maximised comfort and performance.

Highest Resolution Lenses Lab Tested. In partnership with Xenosys,  a military optics manufacturer with incredible attention to detail. Established in 1999, has a long 20 year history of producing world leading optical designs for the benefit of dentists across the globe.





The Labomed® Magna dental microscope brings to your practice the power of crystal clear visualization in a compact, ergonomic design. The system features an Automatic Balancing Arm (ABA) that gives users 360 degrees of freedom in positioning the microscope. 

A highly responsive apochromatic zoom system ensures ease in landing on the ideal magnification. Super bright, long lasting LED illumination means dental professionals won't miss a thing.



Rextar X

High Specified Portable X-Ray

Dubbed a "must-have" and features highest technical specs. 




EzSensor Classic

  • Known for its clear images, captured in comfort with rounded edges and an ultra slim, ergonomic design
  • Features Vatech's VIRTUAL CONSULT TOOL (VCT) with over 200 unique animations to easily demonstrate the treatment plan for easy acceptance
  • Diagnose and Consult at the same time, on the same screen!
  • No annual renewals required or STL export per use
  • Available in the convenient size of 1.5 to fit children and adults [Also size 1 & 2]
  • A beautiful complement to the Vatech Pan, CBCT or other imaging software via TWAIN 



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