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Laser Dentists / Aesthetic Clinician Dominique Swanepoel (Oral Hygienist) in Cape Town WC

Dominique Swanepoel (Oral Hygienist)

BIOLASE Dentists
Oral Hygienist at Ratan & Singh Advanced Dentistry
Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001

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  • Oral Hygienist
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  • +27 21 201 1599

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More About Dominique Swanepoel (Oral Hygienist)

BIOLASE Epic Laser Hygiene - A Solution for Early-Stage Perio

Laser-supported oral hygiene procedures are performed with the BIOLASE EPIC Hygiene Laser (Epic H). Patients can look forward to scientifically advanced Oral Hygiene procedures that are more gentle, yet reach deeper lying bacteria for powerful laser bacterial reduction (LBR), provides amazing hemostasis, apthous ulcer and cold sore treatment with rapid wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects achieved with laser biostimulation.

Enjoy accelerated teeth whitening (Epic X laser) with laser activation and analgesic effect to minimise any chance of sensitivity. The use of laser is also more comfortable, gentle and can reduce patient anxiety.


1.The laser energy is used to firstly desensitize the teeth and open up the dentinal tubules to absorb the laser whitening gel better and keep it actively whitening for 48 hours after the in-practice treatment.

2. The Epic Laser with its 940nm wavelength activates the LaserWhite20 Whitening Gel containing photo initiators to action and accelerate the whitening process.

3. Epic Laser Whitening is fast, requiring two 10 minute sessions of laser-activated laser gel (wavelength specific gel) on the teeth in one appointment (total 20 minutes).

4. The Epic Laser (940nm) used in conjunction with the BIOLASE LaserWhite20 Gel provides a pain free whitening procedure on most patients, eliminating pain and damage to the surrounding gums.

5. This is much faster than other in-office whitening systems and allows patients to get back to daily life with a brighter smile as soon as possible.

6. FOR BEST RESULTS, book your laser whitening after your regular oral hygiene clean (every six months, as included by most medical aids) which will remove plaque from your teeth by means of scaling and polishing.

*** For an advanced clean, request the Epic Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) with your regular cleaning to kill deeper lying bacteria under the gums, prevent bacteria from entering the bloodstream, prevent gum disease and boost overall health.

Dominique Swanepoel (Oral Hygienist) Specialties

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Epic Laser Whitening

15 Orange Street Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape 8001

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