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Laser Dentists / Aesthetic Clinician Dr Howard Gluckman (Periodontist) in Cape Town WC

Dr Howard Gluckman (Periodontist)

BIOLASE Dentists
Specialist Periodontist at The Implant Clinic
Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001

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Specialist Periodontist & International Trainer

More About Dr Howard Gluckman (Periodontist)

As a Specialist Periodontist and Trainer on the International Stage, Dr Howard Gluckman is dedicated to providing the highest standard in gum treatments.  The adjunct of lasers in periodontology effectively fights infection, regenerates bone, speeds up recovery, and makes more minimally invasive periodontal treatment techniques possible for the benefit of patients.

Dr Howard Gluckman uses cutting edge BIOLASE Laser Techonology from California, specifically the premium Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue Laser, combined with the Epic X 940nm Diode Laser. 

What are the benefits of Lasers in Periodontology?

  • Most minimally invasive approach to gum treatment. The use of lasers allows for less intrusion and although this is a surgical technique it almost doesn’t feel like it to the patient.
  • The technique produces less trauma.
  • Improved healing after treatment and thus less swelling, pain, sensitivity and soreness in the treated area.
  • Some patients avoid treatment of their gums due to the concept of a surgical procedure perhaps being too painful. However, since lasers are less traumatic and less intrusive the treatment becomes more comfortable.
  • Increases the speed of post foundational treatment. This means that the patients is able to have a fully functional mouth sooner rather than later.
  • Less postoperative complications. This means that the treatment is more likely to be successful and have the increased longevity associated.
  • Less gum recession post-treatment. This is important since the resulting area will have better aesthetics. This cannot be said of traditional periodontal surgery where unpredictable gum recession is often a major downside.
  • Promotes bone regeneration. Traditional gum surgery focuses on elimination of infection. However, laser periodontal surgery not only eliminates infection but also encourages bone to re-form in the given area. This is particularly useful when dealing with more advanced gum disease where there are deeper gum pockets of infection.

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