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Posted by Member on 10/01/2021 in Workshops
Tech in Dentistry NXT MOVE 1-DAY WORKSHOP [FULL]

Tech in Dentistry NXT MOVE 1-DAY WORKSHOP [FULL]

SciVision Training Centre
7 Charles De Gaulle Cres, Highveld, Centurion, 0157, South Africa

Start Time
27/02/2021 07:30 am
End Time
27/02/2021 5:00 pm
R1850 pp, 7 CPD Points

Sat 27 Feb 2021

This workshop is fully booked.

Next Date:

Sat 27 Mar 2021, 07:30-17:00


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If you are considering investing in a single technology for your practice, what would you do next? What technology would have the most tangible impact on your ROI and patient care, and rejuvenate your passion for dentistry?

Perfect Fit: Confirm the advantages of combining different technologies in a dental practice to enhance quality of care, advance smarter workflow and live up to your latest standard. 

We are living in an extremely exciting time of medical advancements. We live in a world of increasing possibilities and unlimited opportunity. But, we are torn between the limits of old and the demanding new future. Between the safety and certainty of yesterday, and the anxiety and possibility of tomorrow. We are advancing at exponential speed which requires that we pay attention and keep up, more than ever. 

We need perspective and foresight 

in deciding our next move, 

to reach the next level,

of possibility.


A one day journey to the rest of your life.

SciVision is consulting with various successful dental practitioners, and based on their journeys, circumstances and experience, we have invited three of them to share their advice in hindsight. These three general dentists practice in different types of practices, such as medical aid pricing and private practice pricing, small-town practice vs. big city.  They share their experiences before and after their introduction of advanced technologies such as CBCT, Microscopes, Intraoral Scanning and Lasers. And now that they have these, what has it done for their dental offering? With that knowledge, would they do it again? If yes, what would they do first?

A hands-on session of each technology will teach important skills training in the various technologies in order to fast-track the learning curve in each.

Very important, they will share how to step up an advancing practice to meet technology investment demand, how to charge accordingly and how to communicate the benefits and possibilities to patients and team.


Almost everything starts with VISION. The underestimated role of magnification and the hidden benefits it brings, is a life changer for the treating clinician.

From 2D to 3D, CBCT in every day practice. Some excellent clinical application, clinical cases and intro to CBCT technology for the keen observer.

The aim you need to hit your mark, LASERS. Cleaning canals where no instrument or irrigation can go. From less invasiveness to uneventful healing in a nutshell. What can we do with our lasers and why?

Finally, Intraoral Scanning and 3D Printing. Next level in improving workflow and time-saving tips and tricks. How does this work in a practical application team approach? Sharing clinical experience and advice on the available hardware.


07:30 Registration & Coffee

Session 1



> Individual Journeys

> Fear of high magnification

> Hidden benefits of a microscope

> Practical tips to get you started

> Improve your reach - clinical cases

> Simple things missed - makes all the difference when seen

> HANDS-ON: Practice makes you comfortable

10:00-10:15: Coffee & Snacks

Session 2



> Intro to CBCT language and software

> Clinical cases where CBCT saved the day

> CBCT relieving stress and giving the dentist confidence

> Testing the waters

11:45-12:30 Lunch

Session 3



> Let the passion ignite - Physics Intro

> Laser applications in dentistry

> Laser-supported clinical cases

> Hands-on experience

14:30-14:45: Coffee Break

Session 4



> Different options and why?

> Advantages and applications

> Creating income and saving time

> A team approach

Session 5

Conclusions, Business Decisions / ROI


> Advice on dental practice transformation that matters and how.

> Important Codes & Fees

17:00 Cocktails & Mocktails


Price: R1 850 per delegate

CPD: 7 Points

Catering: Coffee, snacks, refreshments and lunch is included

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Call 012 665 3541 / 2595

Email: info@scivisionmedical.com

WhatsApp: +27 84 405 8025

Workshop Hosts (27 Feb 2021)

Dr Nico Verloop: Dr. Verloop graduated at the University of Pretoria in 2001. After community service, he relocated to the Netherlands where he owned a successful dental practice. During this time, he obtained his Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (PDD) from Western Cape University. He completed his POS training (Progressive Orthodontic Seminars by McGann) in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. He and his family decided to return to South Africa, and opened a beautiful, high-tech and aesthetically minimalist dental practice in Silver Lakes with carefully thought technology, one of which was the first Waterlase iPlus 2.0 in South Africa at the time.  In 2016 he was one of the first South African dentists to obtain his MSc in Laser Dentistry from the University of Genoa, Italy. Dr. Verloop is currently a peer reviewer for the journal Laser in Medical Science (LIMS), and is also a mentor to many dentists who frequent his practice to observe his laser-supported procedures and fine-tuned, precise workflow.

Dr Jacques Ferreira: BChD University of Pretoria (2001); Implant and Aesthetic Academy - all modules; Fellowship in laser dentistry (Genoa 2015), Advance Periodontal Disease management; Mastership Laser Dentistry (AALZ 2017); Master of Science (MSc.) Laser Dentistry (Aachen 2019). 

An experienced Clinical Laser Dentist and Trainer in full-time practice for most of his life in the town of Standerton, Mpumalanga, and recently joined a larger practice in Vereeniging where he specialises in complex cases. Dr Ferreira's great skill includes the gift of teaching, and so also very popular with his patients for his gentle dentistry. Where he is, his patients follow.

Dr Bryan Sher: Dr Sher completed a BSC. Honours in Physiology at Stellenbosch University, followed by his BChD degree in 1989. With a love for learning and staying up-to-date, he started with his Mastership in Laser Dentistry (AALZ) and then completed his Master of Science Degree (MSc.) at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, 2019. 

In full-time private practice in Green Point, Cape Town  (when not riding his mountain bike across the mountains) and Laser Trainer with much passion. A helluva fun guy, Dr Sher will entertain you with tips, tricks and hope!