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Lasers in Dentistry

Dentistry is constantly evolving, and as a modern dental practitioner, it is essential to stay up-todate with the latest techniques and technologies. One such technology that has revolutionised the field of dentistry is the use of lasers, which have been used in dentistry for over 30 years and have proven to be a highly effective and safe tool for a wide range of dental procedures.

Meet the AALZ / SFU Team

University Mastership Advanced Module Courses

  • Benefit from Certified Education in Lasers in Dentistry
  • From Modules to Optional Mastership Upgrade

In standard academic studies in dentistry, dentists do not get to learn about dental laser technology and treatment concepts. Building onto a university degree in dentistry, the necessary professional knowledge for laser applications in dental practice is taught at the highest academic level in theoretical lectures and practical teaching for two selected wavelength areas - dental Erbium lasers and dental diode lasers.

Relevant theories and application options (such as with each Module Course below) pertaining to laser use in dentistry, are taught for those wavelengths. Participants obtain sound theoretical knowledge in lectures and seminars led by renowned, competent and experienced international scientists and practitioners. Skills training sessions, exercises, practical applications, and live operations guide participants towards using lasers successfully and professionally.

Mastership Advanced Modules give you the chance to dive deeper into your chosen laser module only, or multiple modules!

Laser Safety Officer Course [LSO] 

1 Day, 1 ECT

Prerequisite / Foundational course before any module

You only need to do LSO once and your credits will be recorded, should you want to do additional modules thereafter, with no time limit.

Various Advanced Module Courses

2 Days, 2 ECTS

Complete one, or two or three or all. By completing at least 3, you qualify for the Mastership Exam in Vienna, Austria. No time limit.

  • Lasers in Endodontics
  • Lasers in Periodontics
  • Lasers in Dental Aesthetics
  • Lasers in Orthodontics, 2 Days
  • Lasers in Photobiomodulation [PBMT / LLLT]
  • Lasers in Pediatric Dentistry
  • Lasers in Facial Aesthetics

The Laser Safety Officer Course [LSO] is the basic start before participating in any other module. 

You can do the LSO course only, or you can do LSO with a module.

If you complete LSO and follow it up with any 3 Mastership Module Courses, you will qualify for the final examination module at Vienna's Sigmund Freud University, where you will enjoy a recap lecture day with Dr Rene Franzen, present your 5 clinical cases and complete the written exam to graduate with a Mastership in Laser Dentistry.

This flexible structure is ideal for Specialists or Dentists wanting to dive deeper into lasers in certain treatment areas only. 



We kick things off with LSO + Endo Module!

After many requests from not only Endodontists, but also dentists who are challenged on a daily basis to perform root canal treatments with acceptable outcomes and a simple technique. The statistics / high failure rate of root canals is simply not acceptable when this technology exists. Read more below and join us!





"This course opened my eyes towards what difference we can make in people's lives with lasers. It's phenomenal." 

Dr Migael Pohl

East London Oral Health Centre

South Africa

Upcoming Courses 

in South Africa

*Optional Mastership Exam Modules can be completed in Vienna at Sigmund Freud University, each year-end.

1-Day Laser Safety Officer

18 February 2024

Centurion, South Africa

2-Day Lasers in Endo

19 & 20 February 2024

Centurion, South Africa

Apply Here

*More Module Dates will be announced. 

*Please do indicate the additional module courses you'd be interested in when applying for the current courses, to allow our organisers to schedule the most popular choices first. The aim is to allow South African participants to potentially fulfill LSO + 3 modules locally over a 2 year period (as opposed to one year with the standard Mastership). However, it is completely flexible and has no time limit, and the courses may be taken anywhere in the world depending on your choices and urgency. The South African courses are also open to international delegates.

AALZ International Schedule: aalz.de/program-schedule/


Laser Safety Officer Course [LSO]

  • 1-Day Certification Course
  • 1 ECTS

The Laser Safety Officer Certification (LSO) course is a prerequisite before any Mastership / Module Course, and is therefore available to participate in the day before the Advanced Endo Course/Module.

The 1-Day LSO provides the foundational knowledge regarding biophysical interactions between several wavelengths and the main oral tissues, and entitles you to be responsible for all safety regulations regarding Class IV medical lasers in your practice.

We give you an in-depth understanding of laser physics and laser tissue interaction, preparing you for the safest use of lasers in dentistry. We explain statutory regulations, demonstrate their implementation in practice and describe laser application fields. After passing the examination on the same day, you receive the “Laser Safety Officer” certificate.

This laser safety course meets the requirements of the trade associations for obtaining expertise as a Laser Safety Officer, recognised according to the guidelines of orientated to EN 60825-1 and/or ANSI Z136.1. This course is conceived upon the suggested curriculum of the German regulations OStrV and TROS “Laserstrahlung”.

Foundational certification course for those who have not yet completed the AALZ LSO Course. This is your chance to be taught by the wisdom-filled Physicist Rene, Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. medic. Rene Franzen who is also Scientific Director of AALZ.


  • Introduction to basic laser physics
  • Properties of laser radiation and generation of laser light
  • Biological interaction with laser light
  • Absorption behaviour of laser light in biological tissues
  • Laser parameters and their influence on the the tissue interaction
  • Hazards of laser light: Eye damages and laser safety goggles
  • Measures to minimise and mitigate laser risks
  • Duties of the LSO (Laser Safety Officer)
  • Device safety
  • Treatment room safety
  • Workspace safety
  • Safety checklists


Examination & Certification

A written exam of maximum 60 min duration will be available after the course via e-learning (online) after the participant has taken some time to study the materials in own time.


This is your chance to be taught by the wisdom-filled Physicist Dr Rene, Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. medic. Rene Franzen who is also Scientific Director of AALZ.

Course PDF with Module Descriptions

Lasers in Endodontics 

  • 2-Day Advanced Module Course
  • 2 ECTS

A Deep Dive into Endo, Laser-Powered!

Become one of the pioneers of expert laser use in Endodontics.

This advanced laser Endodontic course is designed for Endodontic Specialists or General Dentists with a special interest in root canal treatments who would like to integrate the ultimate Endodontic techniques supported by the benefits of efficient dental laser wavelengths in their daily practice.

 Pictured: Dr Miguel R. Martins (front) with one of his Laser Classes

Why use Lasers in Endo?

The most critical factors of an Endo treatment is cleaning, debridement and disinfection of the root canal. 

This is where lasers change the game in your practice, and save you a lot of time. (Apart from all the other laser-supported procedures performed by other specialists and General Practitioners.

By using innovative therapy concepts, based on specific laser-tissue interactions, scientific and clinical findings, you will be able to boost your endodontic outcomes, overcoming the limitations and hazardous effects of conventional techniques.

Differentiate & Expand Expertise

You will be providing high quality treatments based on breakthrough technological advancements and techniques. These are not only significantly less invasive but also time efficient to you and your patient. Your differentiated dental office will create new business potentials and marketing strategies by increasing and broadening your field of expertise and clinical repertoire. 

Furthermore, you will decrease your work-related stress, increase your confidence as a provider of revolutionary endodontic outcomes.

Curriculum & Course Targets

The Mastership module courses will provide theoretical backgrounds, scientific support, clinical indications and skills training (patient demo’s possible upon treatments) as integral parts of the curriculum. For such purpose, the latest and advanced Endodontic techniques will be presented as integrated parts of this laser-assisted endodontic course.   

All laser clinical indications within the field of endodontics (e.g. 2780nm Er,Cr:YSGG laser and the 940nm diode laser) will be explained, presented in detail and demonstrated.  

You will learn all clinical possibilities and indications in the skills training.


  • We will provide all endodontic materials for pre-clinical RC Treatment (e.g. endodontic files and obturation materials)
  • Try different wavelengths and understand the possibilities while combining different lasers.
  • Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Course accreditation(s) by:
    • AALZ – Sigmund Freud Vienna University
    • Portuguese Society for Interdisciplinary Medical Lasers
  • Each participant shall bring minimum 3 extracted teeth with access cavity performed (3-D models will be also provided).
  • Possibility to upgrade your laser knowledge by enrolling in any of the Lasers in Dentistry Masterships AALZ / Sigmund Freud University programs worldwide. All fees and contents covered in this advanced laser-endodontic module will be subtracted and the credits will be recognised, should you wish to upgrade to a higher program. 
  • After successful participation and examination, you will become certified as an Endodontic Laser Specialist (as well as a Laser Safety Officer from the LSO Course).


Come ready for life-changing learning with Master Endodontist, researcher and an absolute class act in this field, Dr Miguel Martins (DDS,MSc, PhD). He performs high-end Endodontic Treatments and Retreatments at his ‘Exclusive Endodontic e Microsurgery Practice’ in the Netherlands and will create laser addicts as your Endo lecturer.

Endo Program:

Day 1: Lasers in Endo

Success in Endodontics: Debating the need for alternatives to current methods

  • Historical context of lasers in Endodontics
  • Categorising endodontic success: How far can we go?
  • Criteria to evaluate literature results and outcomes
  • Rationale to support laser-assisted endodontic treatments
  • Limitations of traditional irrigation methods
  • Scientific evidences supporting the use of lasers in Endodontics
  • Limitations of laser-supported techniques in endodontics

Laser Biophysical Interactions in Endodontics

  • Interaction of different wavelengths with dentine;
  • Erbium lasers: 2940nm Er:YAG and 2780nm Er,Cr:YSGG lasers
    • Physical and technical backgrounds
    • Concept differences and Tips
    • Smear Layer Removal properties and concepts
    • Disinfection properties and concepts
  • Interaction of different wavelengths with aqueous solutions/irrigants:
    • Laser-induced cavitation: properties and achievements
    • Laser-Assisted Irrigation
  • Technical set-up of different pulse emission patterns and tip-shape profiles;
  • Evolution, properties, science and clinical features of:
    • PIPS and SWEEPS (Er:YAG)
    • RFT (Er,Cr:YSGG)
    • Other techniques
  • The 450, 810, 940 and 980nm diode lasers:
    • Biophysical and technical background
    • Selecting the appropriate wavelengths
    • Modes of operation and protocols for endodontic disinfection.
  • Combining different wavelengths:
    • Optimizing LAET - the Dual-Wavelength Concept
  • Brief introduction and approaches to:
    • Pulp capping & Pulpotomies
    • (antimicrobial) Photodynamic Therapies (PDT, aPDT).

AALZ clinical/practical recommendations: video-demos & pre-clinical training.

Day 2: Endodontic Complicated Scenarios and Apical Surgery

Managing Endodontic Complications with Lasers

  • Overcoming the limitations and hazardous effects of chemical irrigants
    • Laser-assisted Irrigation vs Laser-assisted Endodontics
    • 3-D Debris & Smear Laser removal & Disinfection
  • Acute and Chronic Apical Periodontitis
    • Laser-induced negative pressure
    • Drainage of apical inflammatory content/suppuration
    • Fistulas’ approach
    • Large Apical Periodontitis / Cysts-like lesions
  • Intricate Root canal anatomies
    • Debriding and cleaning challenging root canal systems and morphologies
    • Isthmuses
  • Rationale for laser-assisted re-treatments
    • Removal of sealers and gutta-percha
    • Deep disinfection
  • Open apexes and Apical Resorptions
  • Endodontic traumatology:
    • Dentin hypersensitivity
    • Root Fractures
    • Internal, External and Invasive Cervical Resorptions
  • Dealing with iatrogenic damages:
    • Furcation damage
    • Perforations
    • Ledgings
    • Broken files
    • Apical extrusions
    • “Unbelievable” clinical scenarios
  • Root Canal Sclerosis/calcifications

Laser-Assisted Endodontic MicroSurgery (Laser Apicoectomy)
  • Introduction to the benefits of using Lasers in Endodontic Apical Surgery
  • Properties of different wavelengths
  • The use of erbium lasers for:
  • Incision, bone ablation, granulation tissue removal, apicoectomy, retro-preparation, bone
  • cavity and canal disinfection, suture bandage and Low Level Laser Therapy.


Examination & Certification

A written exam of maximum 60 min duration will be available after the course via e-learning (online) after the participant has taken some time to study the materials in own time.

Course PDF with All Module Descriptions


Laser Safety Officer Course [1 Day]

  • Sunday 18 February 2024, 09h00-17h00 
  • SciVision Medical, Centurion, South Africa
  • 1 ECTS
  • Lecturer: PD Dr. Rene Franzen, PhD, Germany, AALZ Scientific Director 
  • *If you have already completed your Laser Safety Officer Certification with AALZ, then this module can be wavered if attending the 2-Day Endo Module.

Endo Module [2 Days]
  • Monday 19 February 2024, 09:00-17:00
  • Tuesday 20 February 2024, 09:00-17:00
  • 2 ECTS
  • Lecturer: Dr Miguel Martins (DDS,MSc, PhD)
  • *This module course requires the above foundational LSO completion. See combo fee below for both if applicable.

Total Fees:

  • Laser Safety Officer Course Only: €600 + 15% Vat
    • This can be completed by anyone in the dental practice, and a good idea for clinicians to take this course now, if you plan to do future modules (if Endo is not your choice). Take advantage of the LSO course presented in person with Physicist Rene now!


  • Endo Module Only: €1500 + 15% Vat 
    • For participants who have already completed their LSO Certification with AALZ


  • LSO + Endo Module: €1900 + 15% Vat [Combo]

Payment Plan:

  • Registration Deposit of R5000 incl. vat will apply upon acceptance of any course, which will be deducted from the total fee. [Non Refundable to reserve your space on the course.]
  • The balance you may choose to pay in up to 3 payments.


Priv.Doz. Dr. Rene Franzen | Scientific Director - Physicist

Studied  physics at Düsseldorf University and completed his thesis in the  Department for Laser Medicine. Since 2001 he has worked for RWTH Aachen  University and the AALZ Aachen Dental Laser Center and is involved in  teaching and research in the field of laser-supported dentistry. In 2003  he completed his PhD thesis for which he was awarded the RWTH prize for  outstanding interdisciplinary research. Dr. Franzen teaches optics,  laser technology, dosimetry and laser safety and is also responsible for  running the AALZ’s e-learning system.
View Full Biographical Details

Dr Miguel Martins (DDS, MSc, PhD) | Clinical & Skills Lecturer

As a researcher and academic co-worker, Dr Martins has published various original studies in peer-reviewed journals such as Lasers in Medical Science, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, and Lasers in Dental Science.

Dr. Martins originally graduated at the University of Porto (Portugal) in 2007, then specialised in Oral Implantology at Santiago Compostela’s University in Spain (2008), graduated as a Master of Science (MSc.) in Lasers in Dentistry at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany (2010), Masters Degree in Oral Laser Applications, Doctorate (PhD) in Lasers in Endodontics from University of Porto, and actively continues by participating in various academic societies, university research and lecturing as invited/keynote speaker worldwide. Dr Martins's aim is to provide a high-standard of dental care based on evidence-based laser supported dentistry, and special interest in his private Endodontic practice and Endodontic Microsurgery.


Prof. Dr. Norbert Gutknecht passed away in July 2021, but we acknowledge him for his immense contribution and dedication to this successful program. His life was dedicated to building good knowledge from his pioneering works in laser dentistry as Director of the Department of Restorative Dentistry, then Director of the “Aachen Dental Laser Center," and Scientific Director of the Academic Postgraduate Master Program: “Master of Science – Lasers in Dentistry.” His teaching debunked the dubious laser claims of the early years and researched what really worked and how to use this groundbreaking technology. His final school project was in Namibia where he helped establish the dental school at the University of Namibia.
View More Biographical Details

Upgrades & Benefits 

Your Pathway to your Mastership or Master Professional (MSc.) Degree from Sigmund Freud University [SFU] and the World Academy for Laser Education [AALZ].

Optional: Complete LSO + 3 Modules to achieve your Mastership

This Endo module course is an integrated part of the SFU Master Professional program "Lasers in Dentistry" and successful participants qualify for an upgrade into the Mastership or Master Professional (MSc.) Degree program if the participant so decides, upon successful completion of the module/s.

By completing the Laser Safety Officer Certification Course (LSO) with any 3 Mastership Module Courses such as Lasers in Endodontics,Periodontics, Surgery, Implantology, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Low-Level Laser Treatments and Facial Aesthetics, you will qualify for the final examination module at Vienna's Sigmund Freud University, where you will present 5 clinical cases and complete the written exam to graduate with a Mastership in Laser Dentistry.

This choice is yours and gives you the flexibility to complete only the modules you're interested in, or the opportunity to complete more modules, as well as the opportunity to complete the exam module for the Mastership qualification (or even further). 

Complete as many modules as you'd like, anywhere in the world, with no time-limit. 

The ECTS accreditation for the “Mastership Lasers in Dentistry” is therefore:
  • Laser Safety Officer Course: 1 ECT
  • Module of Choice: 2 ECTS
  • Module of Choice: 2 ECTS
  • Module of Choice: 2 ECTS
  • Mastership Exam: 8 ECTS
    • Recap Lectures with Dr Rene Franzen
    • Case Presentations (5 Clinical Cases)
    • Written Exam
  • Total 15 ECTS

Other AALZ workshops available for upgrading your ECTS points to complete a Mastership


*Note: The LSO Module must be completed before any other module can be selected, with the option of only taking the LSO course also.

More module course dates may be available at aalz.de


  • As a Mastership Graduate you can choose to continue on to the 2.5-year module-based Master Professional (120 ECTS) at Sigmund Freud Vienna University, where you will participate in deeper, cutting-edge laser knowledge, produce laser-research project(s) and present it as a Master thesis, graduating with an MSc University degree.   

  • With your Mastership, you will automatically be enrolled as WALED-member (World Academy of Laser Education) and get access to our annual Congress, Scientific Events and laser updates worldwide. 

  • Warning! There's always more after that too.

Upcoming Courses in South Africa

*Optional Mastership Exam Modules can be completed in Vienna at Sigmund Freud University, each year-end.

1-Day Laser Safety Officer

18 February 2024

Centurion, South Africa

2-Day Lasers in Endo

19 & 20 February 2024

Centurion, South Africa

Apply Here

More modules coming soon...

Course PDF with More Modules


  • Mastership Module Courses [New Option] Starting in South Africa, Feb 2024
    • Ideal for Specialists or Dentists choosing to specialise in certain procedures, who can now choose to do certain modules only, allowing for more focus on those modules / subjects.
    • This structure consists of the foundational Laser Safety Officer Certification (LSO) followed by any 3 Master Modules.
    • Once you complete your Laser Safety Officer Certification followed by any three module courses, your credits will qualify you to participate in the Mastership exam in Vienna, Austria.
      • Participants may choose to do LSO and a module as a once-off, or decide to do more modules at any time, as the credits will not expire.
    • This option offers flexibility in the choice of modules as well as flexibility in choosing to complete the Mastership qualification, and/or Master Professional Degree (MSc.) 
    • Apply Now 


  • Mastership in One Year [Traditional Option]
    • Ideal for General Practitioners
    • The course is divided into four modules requiring 10-12 days of attendance over approximately a one-year period. [3 In-Person Meeting Points including final examinations.]
    • Course concludes with the presentation of 5 clinical cases and a final written examination, either in the host country or in Vienna, at the Sigmund Freud University. (Usually optional)
    • Learn More [Currently no date scheduled for South Africa, available in Vienna]


Through Sigmund Freud University & Aachen Laser Center [AALZ]

Interviews with Participants

Cosmetic & Dental Emporium's Dr Wim de Beer & Dr Andre Roux share some cases

Dr Andre Roux on the Mastership & Laser Dentistry

Master Laser Program with AALZ

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