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Listen to the chat with DentAir Creator

SciVision’s CEO, Peter discusses the sleek and innovative DentAir units, highly engineered especially for dental surgeries with creator, Dr Connor Bryant. Dr Bryant gives insight into the innovations and science behind the DentAir units and how they ensure the highest and fastest levels of air purification and sterilisation in dental practises for the safety of the team and patients.

As the founder and co-owner of Bryant Dental, with his meticulous attention to the delicate balance between function and aesthetic, Connor oversees product design and development, and works with a range of expert engineers and scientists to bring industry leading technology to dentistry. Connor holds an Honours Degree in Dentistry from King's College London. A few smart features are demonstrated that make DentAir a market leader!

The Ultimate Air Purification 

Solution for Dentists

& spaces serious about Medical Grade Clean Air

[Easy and safe annual (depending on use) filter replacement that you can do yourself.]

The quality of the air in a dental surgery is paramount – one mouth alone can be host to over 350 kinds of pathogens, which can float in the air for hours. The high-performance DentAir system uses the very latest and trusted technology in air purification to eliminate contaminants in the room, quickly and effectively.



High protection from an air purification system with a difference

With its innovative design, boosted UVC technology, 360-degree inlets and 5-stage filtration process, DentAir offers the highest levels of air purification for dental practices. Reaching over 99.99% sterilisation rate (Test Data Available Below), our system draws in and filters out harmful bacteria, viruses, dental matter and pathogens, to disperse clean and safe air, quickly and quietly.


Draw in harmful matter from all corners of the room with 360-degree inlets

While some air purification systems only have three sides or are wall mounted, DentAir has over 5000 inlets 360º around the unit. The powerful composite cylinder draws air through the bottom of the unit using a thermally protected backward curved fan and then sends it through a five-stage filtration process, before pumping clean air back out of the top using our innovative Venturi Blade design.

Disperse purified air around your surgery in a matter of minutes

The average dental surgery is around 40m3, and the DentAir system’s airflow is 600m3 per hour – this means our unit can recirculate the air in an average surgery once every four minutes. This equates to 15 cycles per hour, above the industry requirement of six cycles per hour.


per hour

Cleans air once every
4 mins

Kill viruses and bacteria with high-performance UVC technology

The enhanced UVC technology within the DentAir system successfully de-contaminates the air, offering a far superior solution to traditional electrostatic sterilisation. With one UV lamp running through the unit, DentAir emits 24W of power to penetrate the cell membranes of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens found in the air of a dental surgery.

Positioned between the filter chamber, the lamp has an intelligent seal around it, which forces the air to within 20mm of the UV rays, ensuring even the smallest particles are penetrated.

Five-stage filtration process for air quality that’s second to none

With a five-in-one composite filter system, DentAir offers unrivalled efficiency and quality of air purification. The pre-filter captures larger particles, like organic tooth material, hair and skin flakes, and the air is then passed through the high-density ATP-HEPA antimicrobial peptide filter to remove ultrafine matter. The final air filtration process is the carbon layer, which eliminates odours and pollutants such as mercury, through absorption.

Hospital-grade Class 13 HEPA filter removes 99.95% of particles greater than 0.1μm

The 360-degree HEPA filter has a surface area of 5m² for maximum efficiency and durability

State-of-the-art display and sensor technology for consistent air quality

The DentAir system is designed to make your surgery safer without disrupting your work. The digital display allows you to easily monitor and adjust your DentAir system at the touch of a button, showing you everything from air quality levels and speed, to humidity and temperature. The laser sensor constantly monitors the quality of the air, detecting if an Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) is started and activating the unit accordingly using the ReAKT technology.

Why do Dental Practices need HEPA, Carbon & UVC?


HEPA Filter


99.95% efficient at removing particles >0.3μm within the Bioaerosol created during Dental Surgery.



Carbon Filter


Removes volatile organic compounds generated during dental surgery which cause unpleasant odours.



UVC Sterilisation


Germicidal irradiation eradicates 99.9% of all harmful pathogens by damaging the genetic material they need to survive.





Removes unpleasant smells and volatile organic compounds generated during dental surgery.

3 > HEPA FILTER [Sized for Dental Surgery]

Removes particles >0.3μm within the Bioaerosol created during dental surgery.


Germicidal irradiation eradicates 99.9% of all harmful pathogens by damaging the genetic material they need to survive (killing what the HEPA filter may have missed).


Negative ions released into the air to removes pollutants from the air.        

Innovative Technology



Monitors particulate count in the air and adjusts throughput accordinglyminimising  the noise disturbances to you and your patients.

App Enabled

Allows remote monitoring and logging of Air Quality in the event of surgery Air Quality Audits.



600m³ per hour in 360°- therefore the air in a surgery of about 30m³ will be turned over every 3 minutes. Optimised by a Titanium Diode Catalyst.

PLUG IN & PLAY [No Installation Required]

A smart and instant way to create the safest possible environment for you, your team and your patients, visibly, wherever you need it.

A highly cost-effective solution for medical grade surgery air purification

Includes Extended Warranty

  • 5 Years Structural Warranty
  • 2 Years Electrical Warranty



[1+ UNIT] R 25 990 incl. vat

[3+ UNITS] R 25 550 incl. vat

[5+ UNITS] R 24 990 Incl. vat

For large facility orders please contact us at orders@scivisionmedical.com


All current orders require a 50% deposit to confirm order.


Clinical Studies of DentAir
The innovative DentAir air purification system has undergone rigorous testing. In addition, the DentAir team has conducted two extensive literature reviews assessing the need and efficiency for air purification technologies in dental practices.

> Test Report

> Literature Review

Other Studies

Manufactured by Bryant Dental

Pioneers of smarter dentistry that begins with in-depth research.




HEPA Filter


Activated Carbon Filter


UV-C Chamber

Yes; 4 Lamps; 20 Watts


Yes, Ionising Module

Air Delivery (CFM) Reported

600m³; 360 degrees

Filtration Efficiency Reported


Noise (dB)


Hands-Free Functionality

Yes, Remote Control

Filter Maintenance

HEPA - Annually [presuming daily use]


5 Years [Structural Components]

2 Years [Electrical Components]


United Kingdom

CE Marked / FDA Approved



30cm Diameter x 80cm High


13 kg

First Shipment / Early Orders

Early July 2020


  • Ø  Free-standing / No Installation Required. 
  • Ø  Plug into standard wall power socket; (Able to be moved, Not fixed to wall)

Recommended Position

  • Ø  20 cm away from a wall for good circulation. 
  • Ø  Best not to fix against a wall.


How is this product different to others on the market that have the same filtration system, and make the same claims regarding bacteria/virus but are much lower cost, for example the home medics one?
Generally the difference comes down to a number of key differences:
1) Throughput - although many home units claim a certain square meter area that they can operate in, in a dental setting the air needs to be turned around much more often. As an example the DentAir is capable of 600m³/h meaning a 30m³ surgery will change the air every three minutes. From the ones we have seen a usual figure is around 50-100m³ /h. The Home Medics is 84m³ /h. And they base their room size on one air exchange per hour.
2) Power - if a home unit contains UV it is usually an LED or a low output bulb of around 1 watt so they can tick the box to say it has UVC. The DentAir has 24 watts of UVC to ensure maximum RNA denaturing.
3) Size of the HEPA filter - Our HEPA is designed for use in a dental surgery where we have huge amount of aerosol produced. You need this size of HEPA to ensure it doesn't get clogged easily, and doesn't ever need hoovering out.
4) Carbon Filter – ours is one of the largest on the market, removes Volatile Organic Components - specific to dental for its ability to remove the unpleasant surgery smells, and Mercury vapour.
5) Two types of Sensors - a 2.5 micron and a VOC sensor to detect your air quality in real time and operate the unit accordingly. With use of our “ReAKT” (Reactive Air Kinetic Technology) it will adjust the speed of the fans to ensure you're protected accordingly, but keeping the machine quiet and efficient.
6) App-enabled - Monitor your air quality remotely, run reports to show clean air within your work place - ready for any surgery air quality audits.

What size room does the DentAir Air Purification System cater for?

Many units specify the space in square metres, but the height of the room is very important, therefore we specify in cubic metres.
Throughput of the unit 600m3 per hour. Work out how many times per hour you want to turn over the air? CT2 guidelines currently suggest five times per hour. So 600m3, five times per hour, means a your room can be up to 120m3. We find most dental surgeries are between 20-30m3 so you’re going to be turning over the air a lot more than the guidelines suggest. Where some brands may need two units, you’d only need one DentAir unit. [Please ensure cubic metres are specified to include ceiling height.]

How does DentAir vary it’s working power according to the air?

The “ReAKT Technology” measures the number of particles in the air, and adjusts the speed of the machine accordingly. This is very good for dental procedures because as you’re performing an aerosol generating procedure, you’re creating a lot of particulates in the air, which the DentAir unit will sense and then ramp up the speed of the motors.
Once the air has been through the machine, it has removed 99,99% bacteria and other pollutants.

How do you install the DentAir unit?

Very simply. Take it out of box, plug the unit into the standard wall power. Turn on the power button, and press the “ReAKT” button and it’s ready to purify the air. We recommend placing the unit about 20cm from the wall to get really good air-flow compared to against the wall.

Does the unit need to be plugged in to work?

Yes. The unit is run with a fan which draws in the air and pushes it out which creates the air flow in the room. The UVC lamps within the unit are also powered.

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