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SciVision Medical is a medical supply company dedicated to sourcing the best and most innovative technologies, particularly in Dental, Veterinary and Specialist Medical fields (e.g. ENT, Plastic  Surgeon, Gynecologist etc.). Specialising in the sale and service of medical and dental equipment, we focus on education, training and back-up service to ensure best return on your investment in your particular technology.

SciVision's roots are proudly South African. Our success and commitment to education lead to an opportunity to open an office in the Nordic region, with a Nordic head office now in Copenhagen.

With  the original team starting in 1995, well trained and enthusiastic individuals make up Team SciVision. With this in mind and along with world-class brands, SciVision Medical is set to continually add value to the medical and dental industries and be a leader in the provision of technology to the South African and now Nordic market.

Our main focus is on Lasers and X-ray, with leading manufacturing partners being BIOLASE (USA) and Vatech (Korea).

Our other product ranges that compliment smart practice for the fully integrated dental surgery are Microscopes from Labomed (The Netherlands) and Loupes coming soon from Bryant Dental (UK), Dental Chairs / Delivery Systems by Ancar (Barcelona), Salli Saddle Chairs (Finland), Endodontic Equipment such as Endo Motors and Apex Locators and more which can be found at scivisionmedical.com/dental

SciVision also provides ‘turn-key’ projects, managing the provision of infrastructure for the establishment of an entire dental clinic – from assisting with the design, to managing essential services integration for the installation of our dental technology. Our technical and support teams have received advanced training at the international supply factories.


Furthermore, SciVision Medical actively participates in CPD accredited congresses and hosts many courses at our Training Centre and countrywide. These courses range from 2-hour workshops, to one or two day courses to one year courses such as RWTH Aachen University's Mastership in Lasers in Dentistry that SciVision hosts annually in South Africa, and soon in Denmark. These courses are designed to advance clinical skills in an exciting way. To see upcoming courses go to scivisionmedical.com/events.



Helping clinicians create a vision for tomorrow that will give them the excitement to do better today. We educate and train medical practitioners on the most advanced technologies that bring exciting possibilities to the dental, medical and veterinary practices. These advancements are shared with the aim of increasing public awareness about the benefits of these modern treatments that offer better clinical results. 



South Africa





SciVision’s offices include a Technical Service Centre for Technical Support across all major regions in South Africa, as well as a Training Centre for clinicians. Our specialised sales, training and technical staff are highly trained, internationally on our range of specialised medical equipment. 


SciVision is currently the number one provider of lasers in dentistry in South Africa. Our aim is to continue to grow the number of laser dentists, including the number of formally trained dental practitioners in laser dentistry. We aim to extend this to the medical and veterinary industries in the near future. 


While doing our best work with world-leading technologies that we are proud of, providing consistent excellent service to our clients who believe in us is of major importance. We also apply our FLIE principle daily which stands for “Fun, Lead, Inspire and Educate.” We aim to make every day fun, to lead, to inspire, to educate and stay educated.


  • "Dental Trader of the Year Practitioner's Choice" SADA 2018 
  • “BIOLASE Highest International Growth" 2017  
  • "Dental Trader of the Year Practitioner's Choice" SADA 2015 
  • "BIOLASE International Trader of the Year" 2015
  • "Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur Awards, Semi-Finalist Emerging Category, 2008"