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Dr Sonia Doubell 

Medical Doctor

Paulshof, Johannesburg, South Africa

First Medical Doctor (GP) in South Africa using the Star Pen Anaesthesia System. Used for local anaesthetic administration for the removal of moles and skin tags. Dr Sonia says: "It's easy to use, patients love the calming music and it actually brings a smile to their face despite having an injection! The look and feel of the Star Pen adds a modern flare to our practice."

Info: As one of the first users in South Africa, Dr Doubell purchased the prior edition to the Super Pen, the Star Pen. 

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Dr Megan Comley

Dentist, Dental Wellness Dimensions

Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have a set of conventional loupes, a microscope and have added the refractory

microscope loupes with magnification of 7.2x to my collection.

I am blown away with the quality of the image, the ease of use, and the massive

improvement I have noticed in my posture. I now cannot imagine how I managed without

them. In addition to quicker working time (as I am not spending time adjusting the

microscope to fit my focal view), I have noticed a major improvement in the quality of

work which I can produce in a much quicker time. I have not looked back!

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Dr Philip Jonsson

Maxillofacial & Reconstructive Surgeon

Mediclinic Somerset West, South Africa

BSc (Stell), BChD (UWC), DipOralSurg(SA) MCHD MFOS (UWC)


What I like about the Vatech Green X 18 is the image quality and the effortless integration with other software. This makes surgical planning easier and also allows for more predictable outcomes.

Image quality really sets it apart from other CBCT machines I’ve dealt with in the past. It saves time and sets up a more efficient and effective digital workflow in my practice."

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Dr Philip Jonsson will be teaching CBCT Interpretation
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Dr Sanchia Jauch 

Cosmetic & General Dentist

Windhoek, Namibia

BChD (UWC), Mast. Lasers (AALZ); Dip. Aesth. Med (AAAM),

PG Dip. Oral Implant. (UP)

NDA Current President

Dr Jauch's renowned practice in Windhoek provides advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry for the whole family. Committed to the highest quality patient care, minimally invasive techniques are guided by premium Green CBCT diagnostics, and treated by BIOLASE  laser-supported procedures.

We asked Dr Jauch, Why Green X?

  • Tech-savvy features - my favourite, the Endo function.
  • Fastest exposure times, therefore low dose!
  • "Superb Image Quality" said one of our Health Ministers.
  • Orthodontic planning has never been so good!
  • The after sales support provided by SciVision.

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 The Woodpecker APA scaler and air polisher has to be the best unit I have ever used. It has vastly improved my time spent doing oral hygiene for the patient and is much more effective at removing the biofilm layer. The patients feedback has also been excellent with far less sensitivity during and after. Thanks to the SciVision team for an awesome product.

Dr Zander Grobler
Smile Solutions, Groenkloof, Pretoria
Tel. +27 12 346 3588

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Dr Carina Van Der Van Der Linden 

" The Refractives have Revolutionised my Dentistry, I can see what I have never seen before. They are one of my biggest assets in my practice, You don't know what you can see until you can see and I cant go without them"

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