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Saddle Chairs


Beware of Salli copies. 

Better health and productivity by sitting right!

Poor circulation in your legs? Back pain? Need to strengthen your core with less traditional exercise? Sitting optimally in the most natural way the body's joints choose to be angled at, achieves uninterrupted blood flow and lymph drainage, more oxygen to your brain, minimal pressure on buttocks, legs, genitals, higher "riding-like" seating automatically aligns your body, opens your chest, you breathe deeper and you look great. The benefits are life-changing. Choose an active seat like the Salli "Sway" for subtle adjustable movement of the seat to move with you as you go about your seated doings while subconsciously engaging your core muscles and strengthening those abs a little more every day while working. Salli provides more than “just” an ergonomic chair with their variety of extras available to customise your sitting benefits. (Avoid saddle chairs with a hump in the middle. Choose the gap for better genital health.)

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Microsurgery Chair

Microsurgeon Chair - with multi-function rotating arms
- Multi-function rotating arm provides stable and comfortable support of "forearm" and "elbow" during operation, especially for long operations and micro surgery
- Arm pad with molded foam and seamless PVC upholstery
- Rotating arm with multi-movement,

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