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Waterlase Express is our smallest, easiest, most cost-effective Waterlase yet.

The right laser technology can change what it means to be, or visit,  the dentist. It lets you perform more procedures in a single visit, with  minimally invasive procedures that mean more stress-free moments for  patients and staff. Introducing Waterlase Express—the more affordable,  portable, and easier-to-use laser that’s ready to change your practice  right now.

Waterlase has the power and simplicity to solve  dental problems now, beyond expectation. The versatile and gentle  combination of laser energy and water has the power to relieve dental  anxiety at the source—for you, your team, and the patients you serve.

The Simplest Path to All-Tissue Laser Dentistry

Waterlase Express is the only laser to feature in-depth,  step-by-step, 4K HD animations for every step of every procedure. No  matter your level of expertise, from beginner to advanced user, the  Waterlase Express animation library is a dazzling, informative training  resource. Over 2 hours of 4K-Ultra-HD learning content!


  • Cavity Preparations
  • Sub-gingival decay removal
  • Troughing


  • Achieving hemostasis
  • Frenectomy techniques
  • Biopsies and lesions


  • REPAIR Perio protocol (all steps)
  • Closed crown lengthening
  • Flap surgery


  • REPAIR Implant protocol (all steps)
  • Implant debridement
  • Flap surgery


  • Access, cleaning, and shaping
  • Pulpotomy, Pulp Cap
  • Disinfection of Root Canal
  • Removal of Smear Layer

Innovation Made Easy

Waterlase Express offers the benefits of the most-used all-tissue  laser technology—but makes it even simpler and more accessible for every  type of dentist. You do not need to be a laser scientist to start  changing dentistry in your practice with Waterlase Express. Tap a  procedure, watch the step-by-step animation, and grab the opportunity to  offer unique patient care, rejuvenate the practice, while generating a  healthy ROI.


Over 80 Clinical Indications                          

Every day, dentists encounter numerous clinical and professional challenges that require fast thinking, quick action, and access to tools and solutions that can help resolve patient situations. Waterlase Express has the capability to quickly trim soft tissue, manage periodontal conditions, control bleeding, remove decay , fine-tune an impression, debride an implant, and many other clinical applications. But our favorite ability- increasing your practice value and giving you an edge to attract new patients.

Industry Report: A Profession in Transition 

Case Study: Waterlase Provides an Edge for Growth 


Vivid HD Tablet Interface

  • Latest in tablet technology
  • Familiar tablet and touch screen interface
  • Regular updates and new content
    (WiFi connection required)

Organized Workflows

  • Procedures organized into clinical categories
  • Intuitive radial interface design

Simple Laser Controls

  • Adjust cutting power on the fly
  • Simply slide the button left or right
  • Basic user interface to accelerate learning

One-Touch Learning Center

  • Access to best practices and expert advice
  • Videos on maintenance and care
  • Access to BIOLASE Connect™ online account

Onboard User Manual

  • One touch access to laser instructions
  • Great for staff training and retention
  • Stay up to date with the latest content

Customer Care Button

  • One tap to contact customer support
  • Obtain clinical, technical or business assistance
  • Remote troubleshooting
    (WiFi connection required)

Rich On-Board Reference Library

Waterlase Express features a loaded System Menu including rich,  onboard reference material and other information designed to help you be  a Waterlase Express expert in no time. Access best practices from  Waterlase Express clinical mentors, how-to videos, and much more at your  fingertips. Connect and collaborate with fellow Waterlase owners.

  • Waterlase Express features a loaded  System Menu including rich, on-board reference material and other  information designed to help you be a Waterlase Express expert in no  time
  • Access best practices from Waterlase Express clinical mentors, how-to videos, and much more at your fingertips

Learning Center

  • Instructional videos
  • Operational videos for the team
  • Business and marketing tips 

Stay Up to Date Online

  • Get the latest educational content
  • View your profile and usage stats on BIOLASE Connect
  • Update software and settings

Connect with Peers

  • Learn from fellow owners
  • Share cases and get advice
  • Collaborate for best practices

Stay Up to Date Online

  • Update and add future applications
  • Download new clinical technique videos
  • Use the latest pre-sets from the experts

Generate Cash Flow and Excitement

Increasing the cash flow in your practice is as easy as performing  just three types of procedures a month with the Waterlase Express. Open a  new world of simple clinical solutions with the most intuitive,  accessible all-tissue laser available.

  • Simplify the dentistry in your practice
  • Minimize chair time
  • Increase case acceptance with a patient-preferred, minimally invasive treatment option

Expert Training

Waterlase Express is simple to integrate into daily practice,  especially with expert training and mentorship from experienced,  successful Waterlase dentists. Starting with a comprehensive three-day  training program led by laser masters, your training continues as the  system has a full library of material and additional education at your  fingertips to ensure confidence.

  • Laser dynamics on hard- and soft-tissue
  • Integration into your current workflows
  • Clinical techniques for all five categories
  • Tips for ensuring clinical and practical success

Waterlase Express makes  all-tissue laser technology simpler, more accessible and more affordable  than ever before. This is the perfect opportunity to equip yourself to  handle dental anxiety at the source, offer state-of-the-art care to your patients, rejuvenate the practice, while generating a healthy ROI.

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