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Online Diode Training Course

for the 940nm Diode Lasers


This online course helps you realise the full potential of diode laser dentistry. Learn laser physics basics, safety, and practice management for diode lasers at your own pace. 

  • Recommended for dentists and hygienists
  • Successful completion of the multiple choice exam will result in a personalised WCLI certificate
  • Free to SciVision BIOLASE Epic Owners (One free exam per laser, Normally $195)


  • Epic Diode Setup (15 min)
  • Intro to Epic Diode Laser (16 min)
  • Laser Basics (40 min)
  • Laser Basics & Safety (27 min)
  • Parameters Affecting Performance (10 min)
  • Tip Initiation (10 min)
  • Desensitising Herpes (13 min)
  • Laser Bacterial Reduction (9 min)
  • Non Surgical Perio (27 min)
  • Soft-Tissue Restorative Procedures (17 min)
  • Labial & Lingual Frenectomy (15 min)
  • Other Soft-Tissue Procedures (7 min)
  • Diode Laser Pain Therapy (38 min)
  • Diode Laser Whitening (18 min)
  • Troubleshooting (5min)

Total Video Time: +- 4 hours 30 minutes 

  • View some or all video's to access exam depending on your level of experience
  • You will have 30 days in which to complete the course 


  • CEU: 7

FREE to SciVision's BIOLASE Epic Laser Owners

Course Value: $195

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