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Better Management of Perio Disease

Nearly 40% of patients have mild to moderate periodontitis today - An increased demand over the past decade.

Even with the best hygiene compliance, patients can still struggle with periodontal disease. This can have a domino effect on many other areas of their health and wellness—such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. In many ways, it all starts with optimal periodontics care.

Rather than simply monitoring and referring these patients, there are new, minimally invasive techniques you can perform to improve patient satisfaction and retention.

PERIO with Waterlase

Waterlase Laser Dentistry™ gives you the ability to perform the minimally invasive REPAIR™ Perio procedure - which delivers better patient-reported outcomes than traditional methods.

The REPAIR Perio Protocol

  • The minimally invasive way
  • Greater flexibility in treatment planning to treat site specific or full mouth cases
  • Capable of gentle removal of subgingival calculus
  • Promotes cementum-mediated periodontal ligament new-attachment to the root surface in the absence of long junctional epithelium
  • Supported by clinical evidence and scientific research

When I first got the laser, I started doing modifications of going into a pocket without a flap. That wasn not easy for me, because I had grown up and also created a graduate programme around periodontics for 16 years where we truly listened to research. So it took a little bit of a leap of faith for me, but then I began to realise that we already had a natural incision, called a sulcular pocket entrance. And then as I began to do certain procedures, there's one thing I always kept in mind.

A modification of what we have been doing traditionally, but it makes in such a minimally invasive scenario, that that's where we win.

Your patients love you.

Your patients take minimal medication.

Your patients tell other patients about you and laser.

Eliminate gum recession. Save teeth in the front, where when someone smiles, and not see those big black triangles.


REPAIR Perio Procedure (pdf)

REPAIR Perio with Waterlase – step by step (animation)

REPAIR Perio with Waterlase – patient education (animation)

Non-surgical perio with Waterlase step by step (animation)

Osseous crown lengthening with Waterlase step by step (animation)

‘Nearly 40% of patients suffer from periodontal disease…” stat and infographic (pdf)

‘Versatile Management of Periodontal Conditions’ by Dr. Samuel Low (free webinar)


Clinical Articles, Studies and Research

“Minimally Invasive Treatment of Infrabony Periodontal Defects Using Dual-Wavelength Laser Therapy” by Al-Falaki, et al. (full paper)

“Comparison of Periodontal Open Flap Debridement versus Closed Debridement with Er,Cr:YSGG laser” by Gupta, et al. (abstract)

“Periodontal Bone Regeneration and the Er,Cr:YSGG Laser, a Case Report” by Dederich, et al. (abstract)

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“Comparison  of Er,Cr:YSGG Laser and Hand instrumentation on the Attachment of  Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts to Periodontally Diseased Root  Surfaces: an In Vitro Study” by Hakki et al. (abstract)

“A Pilot study  of Er,Cr:YSGG Laser Therapy Used as an Adjunct to Scaling and Root  Planing in Patients with Early and Moderate Periodontitis” by  Kelbauskiene et al. (abstract)


REPAIR Perio procedure (clinical video)

Calculus removal procedure video (clinical video)

Tori Removal procedure video (clinical video)

Periodontal Root Planing procedure video (clinical video)



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