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About Epic Laser Dentistry


Epic Laser Dentistry

Epic procedures simplify surgical procedures, making them bloodless due to the Epic Laser being a great haemostatic, which fast-tracks surgical procedures instantly to the first phase of healing where blood is coagulated, promoting good healing of the wound.

This award-winning laser's efficiency simplifies procedures greatly due to it's wavelength's absorption factors and pulsed energy which all work together to increase patient comfort. It therefore minimises the need for injections or stitches. With less use of local anaesthetic, topical anaesthetic can be used when necessary for many soft-tissue surgical procedures due to it being quick and simplified. 

Recovery is fast due to less trauma being caused to the tissue, also minimising swelling and post-op pain. 

Epic laser procedures can be done quickly in the dental chair, saving time and money.

Epic Oral Surgery & Periodontal Treatment

Soft tissue surgeries are performed faster, more gently, with less to no bleeding or need for stitches

Gummy Smile Reduction: Smile more confidently with bloodless, aesthetic gingivectomies that shape your teeth for a more aesthetic smile – it’s quick and easy for a BIOLASE dentist!

Removing Oral Growths: ‘Tags’ called papillomas and growths called fibromas that result from cheek or tongue traumatic bite are now simplified with bloodless laser removal, fast and usually requires nothing more than topical anaesthetic if necessary.

Fix “Tongue Tie:” Tissue connections that restrict the movement of your tongue affecting your speech or cause gum recession can be “released” with the EPIC laser. Patients will also experience less bleeding and a lack of need for anaesthetic or stitches in many cases.

Laser Gum Depigmentation: Removing dark spots on gums to a healthy pink colour.

Prevent Gum Recession: Your BIOLASE Dentist can repair and minimize perio causing tissue loss and bone loss.

Epic Pain Therapy / Biostimulation

Biostimulation for pain therapy and accelerated healing without prescription drugs.

TMJ & Pain Relief: The EPIC laser works as a topical heating device that helps to increase your blood circulation as well as to relax your muscles. The laser is then able to relieve joint pain and stiffness. A standard procedure is less than 10 minutes for each site treated. Patients often come in for a series of 2-6 treatments, once every 2-4 days.

Relieve the Pain of Cold Sores & Canker Sores: The EPIC laser is able to treat as well as accelerate the healing of annoying sores.

Aphthous Ulcer Treatment: Rapid wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects are achieved with laser biostimulation. The laser tip never comes in direct contact with the tissue which means more patient comfort. Pain relief is immediate and wounds heal almost overnight.

Epic Orthodontics

Laser Orthodontics: Achieves bloodless, predictable soft tissue surgeries and exposing of compacted unerupted teeth, relieves bracket pain and accelerates tooth movement.

Epic Endo / Root Canals

Scientifically advanced laser disinfection in root canals. Studies have proven the 940nm wavelength to be the most effective wavelength for endo disinfection. (BIOLASE Epic / iLase lasers have 940nm wavelengths.)

Epic Oral Hygiene

Laser-Assisted Hygiene: Productive perio and hygiene procedures for greater haemostasis and periodontal pocket disinfection.

Laser Bacterial Reduction: Gum and bone disease affect approximately 80% of adults and is a growing epidemic in our society. It is highly recommended that patients have their teeth decontaminated prior to cleaning appointments to (1) reduce or eliminate bacteremias before traditional cleaning which usually does cause some bleeding, and therefore prevent bacteria in our mouths to enter the bloodstream and sometimes settle in weakened areas of our body such as damaged heart valves or artificial knee or hip etc. (2) To prevent cross-contamination of infections in one area of your mouth to other areas, and to (3) help kill periodontal disease bacteria and stop infection before they cause physical destruction of gum and bone around your teeth.

Epic Laser Teeth Whitening

The laser does not whiten, but the laser activates the chemical reaction of the patented BIOLASE laser whitening gel containing photo initiators. The  Epic Laser also removes associated pain.

Once your mouth is Epic laser-cleaned, what better way to celebrate a fresh mouth than with Epic laser whitened teeth! Traditional in-office whitening is not pain free, therefore the Epic laser is used to desensitise teeth before the whitening treatment and post-treatment using the contour whitening handpiece. The Epic 940nm laser energy activates the LaserWhite20 whitening gel containing photo initiators to accelerate the whitening process. This helps ensure that whitening is as quick as possible, without pain or damage to the surrounding gums. With the Biolase EPIC laser, a full whitening procedure, lightening teeth by 4-6 shades, in just 30 minutes of active treatment time. This is faster than other in-office whitening systems and allows patients to get back to daily life (with a brighter smile) as soon as possible.

Benefits of Lasers over Conventional Surgery

Lasers have an ability to seal blood vessels thereby achieving haemostasis

Lasers seal lymphatic vessels, so decrease post surgical swelling

They seal nerve fibres thereby reducing operative and post operative pain

Reduces mechanical trauma to tissue

Less scarring and greater precision because of the mono chromic coherence qualities

Reduces bacterical counts thereby promoting predictable healing with minimal post operative inflammation

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