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Handheld LLLT/PBM laser equipped with 200 mW – 660 nm . The laser is powered by a powerful Li-Ion battery, ensuring long treatment time. It is an effective and powerful all-round laser designed specifically for skin care. The laser wavelength of 660 nm ensures an effective treatment of the skin and tissue. Treatment depth: approx. 1-2 cm (or more over extended time)


Comes complete and ready for use in an aluminum case with the following accessories:

  • 1 pc. MINI-Li-Ion battery
  • 1 pc. Li-Ion charger
  • 1 pc. Protective goggles
  • Quick guide and user manual


Why Choose The PERSONAL-LASER™ L200

A real ‘Turn On & Go’ laser-no fusss! 

The PERSONAL-LASER™ L200 is the least powerful laser in the product program with a laser power CW of 200 mW and a wavelength of 660 nm in the visible spectrum (visible/red). Because of the comparatively safe low power output the PERSONAL-LASER™ L200 is an ideal choice for those who simply want to use the laser for regular skin, shallow tissue maintenance including shallow wound repair.




Laser light stimulates the cells that control the inflammatory process. The effect is seen in the form of decreased swelling, decreased redness and decreased tenderness.

Pain Inhibitory Effect

Endorphins are released through stimulation of the nerve cells, which, like the laser light, influences inflammation. It lowers the release of compounds that increase the sensitivity of the pain receptors. The analgesic effect achived by working with stimulation of nerve points is very valuable.

Increased Release of Various Building Materials From the Cells

Collagen produced by the fibroplasts is the most significant one. Collagen forms part of almost all tissues – especially in the lower layers of the skin. The increase in collagen synthesis, produced by the laser, is essential for the of healing of wounds. In addition, the production of collagen is responsible for ensuring that no form of scar tissue occurs when tissue is treated with laser light.

Release of Waste Products From the Cells

This effect is of great importance for the treatment of e.g. tissue injuries and hematomas.


"light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation"


The Special Characteristics of Laser Light

How the Properties of Laser Light Differ Significantly
From Ordinary Light


Laser light is a form of electromagnetic radiation and should not be confused with ultrasound or other electromedical therapies.

Laser light is of an electrical and magnetic character. Laser light can change the chemical structure of cells and tissue, which visible light cannot. Thus laser light differs significantly from visible light.


The Biological Effect of Laser Light

Photons have the ability to accelerate cell proliferation and healing processes.
It has been shown that laser energy stimulates the endogenous substances such as flavins and cytochromes, which are part of the cell’s respiration.
The absorbed energy is converted to free oxygen which stimulates respiration and increases ATP production in the mitochondria. The ATP production then activates the formation of DNA and RNA, which increases the calcium concentration in the cytoplasm. This is necessary to increase cell division, so the healing process can continue. The effect of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as Photobiomodulation (PBM) may be that the energy of the laser light is deposited and converted directly into the cells, thus starting to absorb oxygen.



Effects of Laser Light
Treatment with the laser causes an increase in blood-flow by the dilatation of blood vessels, the oxygenation of tissues, the increase of the fibroblas synthesis, the acceleration of collagen connective tissue, as well as formation of granulated tissue. This ultimately results in an reduction of inflammation as well as the production new skin and tissue. Moreover, treatment with LLLT/PBM reults in a positive influence on lymphatic drainage. Stimulation of macrophages counteracts the risk of secondary infection, which is an important factor in the healing process.


Laser Light in General
– has the following effect, and an increase is seen in:

  • Cell activity
  • Cell metabolism
  • ATP-production
  • The local concentration of lymphocytes, leucocytes and macrophages
  • Bloodflow
  • Collagen production
  • The uptake of oxygen in the cells
  • Na-K-pump is normalized
  • Cell membrane potential is normalized


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