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About Waterlase Dentistry

If you have experienced Waterlase Dentistry, you'll agree it would be difficult to go back to the drill, excessive numb lips, long procedures, return visits and the post-treatment discomfort we remember from traditional dentistry.

Technology continues to change our lives every day. Increasingly, dentists are choosing to use cutting-edge tools including dental lasers to take care of your oral health. Can you imagine getting an eye operation without laser? This is how gentle and precise lasers are! Depending on the type of laser your dentist uses, they can successfully treat many common dental conditions in a gentle, minimally invasive way.

BIOLASE is the world’s leading innovator in dental lasers.  With thousands of lasers in use in operatories worldwide, millions of patients have experienced the benefits of laser dentistry, such as gentler procedures and comfortable healing.

Our award-winning Waterlase system is a safe and gentle alternative or adjunct to traditional dental tools. When using the Waterlase, there is a much less need for scalpel blades, drills, injections and sutures/stitches. Using a patented combination of laser energy and gentle water spray, Waterlase can perform many procedures without a shot or a drill very precisely, conserving more of your natural tooth structure you were born with, and without creating hairline cracks. Dentists are using Waterlase more and more to offer the latest in patient care.

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What's so cool about Waterlase Dentistry

Virtually Painless

Are you scared of going to the dentist because you’ll hear  the dreaded drill screeching in your ear?  Or maybe you are terrified of  the needle — and who likes leaving the dental office with a droopy or  puffy face? These dental fears can be alleviated with a Waterlase dentist. The Waterlase is a dental laser that enables the dentist to use minimal and in some cases even no anesthetic or drills to perform many routine dental  procedures!

“Before, they would get me numb,  they’d leave the room, and I’d be sitting there, waiting for myself to  get numb, and then they’d come back. With the Waterlase - they started right up.” – T.  Flagler

Natural, Water-Powered Dentistry

The Waterlase combines water, air, and laser energy for safe use on human tissue in  the mouth. Our teeth are partially made up of water and when the laser  makes contact with the tooth it excites the water molecules to cut  through the tooth. Since the laser continuously sprays out water it  keeps the tooth hydrated, preventing heat and giving you a virtually  pain free experience!

“A friend who knows how fearful I am of the dentist had heard about the Waterlase and suggested I look into it. I made an appointment. Years of neglect  had led to many cavities and other issues. The dentist used the Waterlase on my cavities and it was great. This is the procedure I’ve been waiting my whole life for!” – S. Hogan

More Convenient

Even for those who floss, brush, and use fluoride  regularly, sometimes you still end up with a cavity. Between all of your commitments, you may not have the time to schedule another dental  appointment. With Waterlase you don’t have to worry! Waterlase is gentle enough that your dentist can complete most of your dental needs in a single visit. Plus, in some cases, your Waterlase dentist can save you the hassle of going to a specialist or schedule multiple dental visits.

“Dr. Frank, has used the Waterlase technology to clean my teeth before he performs the deep cleaning procedure. I can see that the Waterlase treatment is phenomenal as I don’t experience much bleeding at all  during or after the deep cleaning procedure.” – Yelp Review by Kevin L.,  Chicago, Illinois

Safe and Precise

The Waterlase is cleared for numerous dental applications that can be performed on  both pediatric and adult patients. One of the Waterlase’s greatest  strengths is how precise it is!
Conventional dental drills rely on removing large amounts of tooth to get the job done, and the constant grinding and spinning of a drill bur can cause heat, pain, and microscopic cracks, which could possibly lead to future infections underneath the filling.

The Waterlase, on the other hand, removes very precise amounts of  tooth, without damaging or cracking the rest of the tooth! And because it is so precise, you will rarely need anesthetic!

Reduces Risk of Cross Contamination

If you have ever had food poisoning, you know what  cross-contamination is: encountering bacteria where you don’t expect it. The potential for cross-contamination between patients in any dental or  medical environment is a real and widely documented risk.

Waterlase has the potential to reduce this risk as it works without contact to the tooth. The trained Waterlase dentist can operate with single-use, disposable tips, so you don’t have  to worry about what might have been in someone else’s mouth.


Waterlase for Patients with Special Needs

Waterlase allows dentists to:

  • Repair Cavities without the Drill  [Waterlase Lasers Only]
    • Avoids heat, vibration, pressure and micro-fractures associated with drill
    • In time when anaesthetic can be avoided
    • Reduce bacteria at the cavity site
    Side Note: For treating cavities, Waterlase iPlus is more powerful than Waterlase Express for tougher enamel in adults. Waterlase Express is ideal for children's cavities.]

  • Perform Advanced Soft-Tissue Treatments  [Waterlase Laser / Epic Laser]
    • Improve your smile health and look
    • Remove oral growths
    • Fix a “tongue-tie”
    • Prevent gum recession
      • All with little to no numbing
      • Reduced bleeding and stitches
      • Less to no swelling and inflammation
      •    Less post-operative discomfort

  • Non-surgical Laser Bacterial Reduction / Perio Pocket Therapy[Epic / iLase Lasers]
    • Oral  Hygienists and Dentists can perform this non-surgical treatment as an  adjunct to traditional scaling and root planing to fight potentially  dangerous bacteria
    • Reduces post-treatment bleeding
    • Eliminates bacteria that could enter the bloodstream during scaling and root planing

  • Stress-Free & Gentle Gum Disease Treatment  [Waterlase Laser / Epic Laser]
  • Gingivitis, Periodontitis & Advanced Periodontitis [Waterlase Laser]
  • REPAIR  Perio Treatment is a clinically proven laser protocol used to manage  gum disease, either in a small area or throughout the entire mouth. [Waterlase Laser]
  • Significant Advantages:
    • Minimal recession compared to conventional treatment
    • Helps preserve tissue and bone (studies show tissue and bone regeneration through laser stimulation)
    • Removes tartar from the root surface
    • Promotes more rapid healing
    • Minimises swelling and reduces post-op discomfort

  • Peri-Implantitis Treatment [Waterlase Laser]
    • REPAIR  Peri-Implantitis Treatment is a clinically proven laser protocol used  to manage peri-implant disease, for one or more implants in your mouth.
    • Significant Advantages
      • Decrease tissue recession
      • Restore bone loss
      • Reduce post-operative discomfort
      • Minimise bleeding
      • Keep implants longer

  • Root Canal Treatment  [Waterlase & Epic Laser Combined - Dual Wavelength]
    • Cleans and disinfects root canals faster and more effective than only with conventional methods
    • Effective on the highly resistant Enterococcus Faecalis – to reduce retreatment risk
    • Waterlase laser energy locates more canals
    • Waterlase removes infection-harboring instrument smear layer
    • Significant Advantages:
      • Superior disinfection with combination of Waterlase and Epic laser's deep penetration
      • Minimally invasive access with more patient comfort
      • Greater efficacy
      • Improved long-term results
      • Faster recovery

How Does Waterlase Work?

Years of engineering and research led to the discovery of a water-energizing 2,780 nm YSGG laser, and an air and water handpiece –  both patented by BIOLASE – that combine to symbiotically excite water molecules from within both the spray and the target tissue. This results in a biological, effective micro-ablation of tooth structure which contains water, bone, or soft tissue that is super precise.

Waterlase High Speed Cutting

See how Waterlase cuts the hardest tissue in the human body - enamel - without heat, vibration or the risk of cross contamination. The fastest camera in the world captures single pulses of Waterlase laser energy at 45,000 frames per second!   

Why the Drill Makes Anaesthetic Necessary 

The drill works with friction, which causes heat and triggers pain.  This necessitates injection with anaesthetic to the mouth, and opens the possibility for thermal damage. The drill also causes vibration and macrofractures that can allow bacteria to penetrate causing decay and problems later.  

Why Waterlase Can Be Painless

Waterlase© uses a unique, powerful interaction of our patented YSGG laser wavelength and water/air spray that ablates, "cuts", etches and shapes target tissues without contact, heat, vibration or pressure. Waterlase is also highly effective for gums, skin, bone – more precise and less bleeding than a scalpel! Futhermore, lasers seal nerve fibres to reduce pain and need for medication in many cases.

Waterlase vs. the Dental Drill

See from a tooth's point of view why Waterlase is better than the dental drill.  

Biological Dentistry and the Science of Waterlase

How Waterlase Flies Under the Human Body's "Pain Radar"

Our Biological Dentistry™ approach to diagnosis, treatment and  prevention is the logical result of our investigations into why  conventional treatment with the drill causes pain, necessitates the use  of anesthetic, and causes unintended damage to surrounding healthy  tissue – negative consequences that have long been accepted for lack of a  better solution. A fresh look at the anatomy and physiology of teeth  and oral soft tissues showed us there could be a more biologically friendly way to treat them.

Tooth enamel naturally contains up to 5% water; dentin and bone up to  25%. Years of BIOLASE research led to discovery of a water-energizing  2,780 nm YSGG laser and a handpiece that delivers air and water in  precise proportions – both BIOLASE patented – that combine to  symbiotically excite water molecules from both the handpiece spray and inside the target tissue. The result is an effective biological  micro-ablation of tooth structure. The atomized spray of water and air  continually re-hydrates the tooth, preventing heat and pain. We named  this technology WaterLase©.

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