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Side Firing Tip

Transforming the Management of Peri-Implantitis

Our NEW Waterlase Side Firing Tip™ (SFT) is ideal for safely and effectively debriding implant threads. Its 180° directional handle and uniquely tapered design put more confidence in your hands to treat infected subgingival implant surfaces, without opening a flap.

In conjunction with the Waterlase Express™ all-tissue laser, the REPAIR Implant™ protocol with the SFT is a groundbreaking solution for the management of moderate to severe peri-implantitis:

  • Minimally invasive, no scalpels, sutures or open flaps
  • Treat specific sites or full-mouth cases in a single visit
  • Increase patient flow and case acceptance with patient-preferred laser technology

The Waterlase SFT outperforms traditional methods for managing peri-implantitis, ablating >98% of biofilm on infected implants, without damaging or significantly increasing the surface temperature.

You can now deliver even better patient-reported outcomes compared to traditional methods.

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