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1-Day Course & Certification

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Everything you need to know about laser-tissue interaction and laser safety in one day! An ideal opportunity to learn the fundamentals and get certified. Follow it up with a hands-on experience if needed. [940nm Diode and Er,Cr:YSGG Lasers will be available for brief demonstration.]




  • Dr Thys Pienaar (MSc. Mastership WCLI, ASLD) 
  • Dr Awie Thomas (MSc. AALZ, Mastership WCLI)



8:30 | Registration 


9:00 | Intro & Career Journeys

How laser changes day to day dentistry and what we do now, that we never did before. A quick value and practice-change assessment.


09:15 | Lasers in Endo using Diode lasers and Er,Cr:YSGG lasers 

Attendants will learn and see how to clean, shape, disinfect and obturate root canals in a single visit, using the “Dual Wavelength Technique”.  

10:15 | Break


10:30 | Incorporating Lasers in Oral Hygiene

Laser therapy used to be regarded as specialist therapy to be referred out. With an increase in knowledge and user-friendly lasers at our finger-tips, more and more Hygienists are incorporating laser therapy on a daily basis, celebrating truly amazing results with patients and an increase in revenue and overall practice health. This lecture will focus on the power of the Diode Laser in fighting bacterial infections in the oral cavity and why no Hygienist or Dental Professional should be without one.

11:00 | Empowered Perio with different wavelengths

Preserving teeth and ailing implants is a life changing experience for the compromised patient. Clinical cases will prove not only what can be achieved, but also why Laser assisted treatment is the choice of treatment by world leaders in periodontology.


11:45 | Photobiomodulation

Clinical cases will show the amazing effect a laser beam has on the healing process of damaged cells, combating the inflammatory process after injury or surgery, acceleration of tissue regeneration and the management of acute and chronic pain.


12:30 | Lunch

13:00 | Lasers in Surgery & Restorative Cases

Learn how different kinds of surgical procedures can be done with laser only. For example, gingivectomy, frenectomy, biopsy, laser bandage, pigmentation removal, closed flap crown length, apisectomy and tori removal. With laser, restorative procedures are beneficial and adjunctive. Laser cavity preparation restorations with better bond preperation, smear layer removal, bactericidal, and growth factors are stimulated in the bone and tooth to advance healing and restoration. Participants will learn that a good number of soft-tissue and hard-tissue procedures can be done either with a diode laser or with an Er,Cr:YSGG laser. Benefits for the patients and for the doctor will be explained, as well as the positive outcomes for this kind of laser-supported surgery.

14:00 | Laser Physics & Safety [Exam Prep]

Attendees will be taught the basics of laser physics, tissue interaction, characteristics of individual wavelengths, safety and regulatory issues, as well as an overview of clinical uses.

14:30 | Q&A


14:50 | Break


15:00 | WCLI Associate Fellowship Exam [Optional]


15:30 | Hands-On Experience [Optional]

16:15 | Certification & End


Have a Diode Laser?

Enjoy the WCLI Online Diode Course

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The world’s largest dental laser education organization, the World Clinical Laser Institute is dedicated to teaching dentists and their staff how to successfully integrate these technologies into their practices. Members share the goals of providing patients with the safest, most comfortable treatment experience, improving clinical results, and making dental practices more productive and prosperous.

The WCLI Institute combines education, fellowship, and fun at major annual symposiums in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Far East and at many local and regional symposiums and seminars globally. These meetings are excellent opportunities to learn the latest approaches to integrating technology to improve every aspect of your dental practice.


Associate Fellowship Certification provides candidates with a basic understanding of laser physics, tissue interaction, characteristics of individual wavelengths, safety and regulatory issues, as well as an overview of clinical uses.


- Fundamentals of laser physics, including wavelength characteristics of ALL dental laser wavelengths

- Concepts involving laser-tissue interaction

- History of lasers in dentistry

- Laser safety and regulatory issues

- Knowledge of the laser environment

- Management of patient expectations and treatment options

- Techniques for cutting hard and soft tissue

- Clinical capabilities of dental lasers


Pass a written examination for Associate Fellow Certification. The exam contains approximately 50 test questions.

Attend a minimum of a one-day WCLI or WCLI-endorsed course.

Candidates are not required to present clinical cases or pay any additional fees. Also, candidates for Associate Fellowship Certification are not required to have daily access to an Er,Cr:YSGG or diode laser. Associate Fellowship Certification can be earned at any WCLI-sponsored one-day educational seminar or full-length WCLI symposia held at various locations around the world each year. 

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