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Posted by Member on 27/11/2016

BIOLASE EPIC Laser in Physio - LLLT Treatment

BIOLASE EPIC Laser in Physio - LLLT Treatment

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Epic 10 is a therapeutic device indicated for temporary relief of pain. This is at the cutting edge of technology, designed for a wide variety of procedures for painful conditions, including muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm, minor sprains and strains, and back pain. The Epic 10 utilizes a solid state diode as a semiconductor source of infrared laser radiation that is not visible to the eye. The energy is delivered to the treatment
site via flexible fiber, connected at one end to the laser source and the other end to the contour handpiece. The device is activated by means of a footswitch. The Epic 10 is a prescription device that is indicated for use by a licensed medical professional. The use of this device requires proper clinical and technical training. The manual provides labeling instructions for the user and all other office personnel to review and apply during use of this device. Training by an
authorized Biolase Laser Specialist is strongly recommended.

CANADA: This device must be installed and operated according to the guidelines of CAN/CSA-
Z386-92 “Laser safety in a health care facility.”

When used and maintained properly, the Epic 10 will prove a valuable addition to your practice.

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