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Posted by Member on 29/08/2017

Expertise ... a rare commodity!

Expertise ... a rare commodity!

By Dentist,  Dr "Win Win" Nguyen - BDS, MSD, FWCLI

(Lecturer of the ROOT CAMP Series)

- An expert is defined as a person who has a special skill set or knowledge in some particular field; somebody who is a specialist or an authority in that field.

I would add that someone is only an expert if he or she can deliver on their special skills. For example, having special training or holding a specific status does not necessarily make someone an expert. It's all about results!

I truly believe that someone is truly an expert if they possess ALL the following: TRAINING and KNOWLEDGE, PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE, and finally EQUIPMENT.

To become an expert, one must first start with training. There is the eternal question of "Is it the Indian or is it the arrow that matters?" To me, it is without hesitation that I would say "the Indian". Not that the arrow does not matter. It will only matter if the Indian is ready.

When I teach Doctors to become endo experts, I clearly tell them from the get-go that I work extremely hard to stray away from the easy temptation of giving them a magic bullet, a special instrument or some specific material that will change their practice. Instead, I want to give them knowledge that will revolutionize their day-to-day life by equipping the “Indian” with sound principles and a strong foundation.

So, first thing first! TRAINING and KNOWLEDGE. As you all know, “Knowledge is power”. Whatever field you are in, find clinically-relevant courses to attend. Even if they are not the cheapest, go for them ... just do it! "Don't step over a dollar to pick up a penny". Learn from real clinicians who can bring research into their patients' reality. But furthermore, learn from those who are business owners. The best teachers of dentistry are not the university professors, not the academicians and researchers. Instead, look for the clinician to whom business overhead matters each month; the one to whom research data matters but who is not obsessive compulsive about it ... the one who puts the latest research to the service of their patients. Here again, look for another triangle ... scientific data ... clinically relevance ... business relevance. Why? Because you and I are above all HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, CLINICIANS and BUSINESS OWNERS.

PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE. "There is no learning without application" is one of the pillars at my office. Once one has acquired knowledge, it is imperative that they go and practice what they have learned. Absolutely imperative. It is only through practice that one becomes better at their craft. Experience is highly sought after, not a degree. Experience is built from failures and successes, that cannot be taught in a book or in a residency program. It is your own book that you start building once you start to put what you have learned, in practice. That experience will eventually make you stand out of the pack, as the PACK LEADER.

By the way, so that there is no misunderstanding. Let me be clear and loud. You’d be most effective as an EXPERT PRACTICE, a TEAM OF EXPERTS. So, the training and experience mentioned above does not only apply to you but also to those working with you, shoulder to shoulder.

Now EQUIPMENT is always treated with skepticism. This is simply because the equipment that experts choose to invest in are rarely cheap. A good example is what I am asked before or during my Root Camp courses. Many attendees of Root Camp ask if they would have to purchase expensive equipment in order to put in practice what they will learn during the course. The short answer is "NO".

Unlike many courses, I never promise any "Root Camper" that the microscope, CBCT or laser will be the secret that will make them profitable. Instead, I promise that by applying what is taught during Root Camp, each Doctor will increase their production immediately by at least $3000 to $4000/month….simply because it is simple, real and realistic. I am so confident of the effectiveness of the course, that I promise each and everyone of the attending Doctors that if they ever feel that what I show them was not worth the money, then to let me know and I would give the registration fee back! How or why in the world could or would I do that? Simply because I am an EXPERT myself!

Now, let's not lose track of what we were aiming at, the third cornerstone ... being EQUIPPED like an expert. As you increase the knowledge and confidence in yourself, you will keep most of your endo patients in-house or will be so much more efficient at it (see another article called "Hourly worth"). The extra cash that you generate each month could then be invested in some good “arrows” that will make you even faster and better at Endo. For our Root Camp Doctors, the choice of which arrow to invest in is always made carefully with my help.

Having said that, if some of you already have free-floating funds to purchase additional equipment to accelerate your learning and boost your profits, then do not hesitate to email me ... even if you are not Root Campers! I'd be happy to help you decide which piece of equipment based on each of your contexts. My point is that you don’t have to necessarily buy expensive equipment from the get-go … Again, the Indian first…then the Arrow!

Once the triangle of Training/Knowledge - Practice/Experience - Equipment is in place at the very foundation of each us, dentist, then it is time to talk about the end result ... the very reason why we exist ... the PATIENT!

We dentists only truly succeed in our mission if we fully focus onto SERVING our patients. That means whatever process, protocol, steps we take must be clinically-relevant and patient-centered.

When I teach my Root Camp course, it is the very first thing we immediately focus on ... CLINICAL RELEVANCE.

To reach this end and wow our patients, we must simplify what we all have learned in dental school….way too complex and non-clinically-relevant. The endo that our Doctors start practicing after Root Camp is simple, clinically-relevant, effective and efficient. Tricks and clear-cut protocols are a must for Doctors to take back to the office and implement right away! However, let's not forget, we cannot fully serve our patients if it is only about being fast; it’s got to be of the utmost quality. Efficiency means fast and high-quality! Combine EFFECTIVENESS and EFFICIENCY, and profits will naturally fall in place. Take excellent care and serve your patients first, the money will come next.

It is now time to talk about BEING COMPENSATED AS AN EXPERT. Remember, the 3 cornerstones at the very foundation of being an expert are now in place ... to be KNOWLEDGEABLE AS AN EXPERT ... to be EXPERIENCED AS AN EXPERT ... to be EQUIPPED AS AN EXPERT. Let's talk about reaping the REWARDS AS AN EXPERT!

Do experts lower their fees? Do they work harder and harder? Do they compromise on the quality of their treatment? No, no and no! Experts increase their fees because they are a rare commodity and patients fight to get in to see them. Let me say it better ... Experts increase their fees without the fear of losing their patients. This in turn leads into working less and making more; this goes back to the notion of HOURLY WORTH… Tick Tock Tick Tock. This itself leads into investing even more into quality treatment, whether it is through more training (more knowledge) or cutting-edge equipment. All that you just read is simply an unstoppable force. Being an EXPERT is just great. It takes effort to get there but the feeling is just awesome. Trust me, those of you who choose this path, you’d quickly realize it was all worth the effort!

So, find an area of dentistry you enjoy and make it your NICHE; whether it is implants, endo, laser dentistry or whatever else that gives you satisfaction. Then go LEARN more about it, PRACTICE it again and again, EQUIP yourself with the best technology. In 2 words, STAND OUT ... as the EXPERT!

All along, don’t refrain from letting everyone know how much of an expert you are. If I have time one of these days, I will write more about internet marketing and how to drive patients to you, the expert. It is now outdated to do conventional word of mouth. Use Google and SEO to drive tens of thousands of dollars to your practice every month. If you don’t want for the article about internet marketing and SEO, then come and hear me at one of the Root Camps. 

It is time Docs to make your pick ... work less and make the same? ... work the same and make more? ... or even for some, maybe ... work more and make even more? Life is too short to dilly and dally around!


“Win Win” – BDS, MSD, FWCLI