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Posted 11/09/2018 in Category 1

BIOLASE Coming to Switzerland!

BIOLASE Coming to Switzerland!

Powered by SciVision Medical, acclaimed BIOLASE Laser Agents & Team of Educators will soon be servicing and supporting Swiss Dental Practitioners!

Whilst supplying the world's leading dental laser technology, SciVision also provide practices with the much needed training for safe use, best practices and best return on your investment; on-going local support technically, educationally, as well as marketing support to BIOLASE Laser Dental practices, their patients and future patients on the benefits of good laser dentistry. Your patients will feel the difference, the new lack of drama, and a weird but wonderful "wow" factor found at the dentist.

A lot has happened since 1916 when Albert Einstein wrote “A splendid light has dawned on me about the absorption and emission of radiation.” 1960 saw the first dental laser and 1965, a ruby laser was ablating enamel. Major research and design succeeded to see the FDA clearance of the first true dental hard tissue laser more than 20 years ago already.

Today - Lasers are part of the technology required for modern dental practice, achieving a scientifically proven, far less invasive approach with improved outcomes when compared to most traditional tools.

BIOLASE Lasers also offer a great advantage in expanding the clinical repertoire of dentists, paired with BIOLASE's focus on education, SciVision supports users with certified training to ensure excellent outcomes, backed by their acclaimed service.

Of huge value to new laser users, is being part of a group of enthusiastic and experienced laser dentists including specialists, certified trainers including laser engineers in educational events and live discussion groups to share and discuss cases or seek instant support.

Whether you have laser experience or not, we encourage you to attend a 4-hour Laser Workshop to get informed and updated as soon as possible. More advanced 1-Day and 2-Day Laser Workshops focusing on various areas of dentistry are also available to further expand clinical repertoire and benefit more. There is no end to the excitement of practice-changing laser learning!

Seeking leading dentists to join our growing European Laser Leadership now. To request an invitation to upcoming opportunities in Lasers in Dentistry Education, please email lindi@scivisionmedical.com.

MODERN DENTISTRY.... is Laser Dentistry! Join us to start your incredible journey.

BIOLASE Switzerland powered by SciVision Medical

Email us to request an invitation for yourself or a peer to our premiere laser education event in Switzerland. Please indicate your specialisation and if you have laser experience (none required)