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Posted 07/06/2023 in Dental Industry News

3DISC reinvent the Intra-Oral Scanner with OVO

3DISC reinvent the Intra-Oral Scanner with OVO

COLOGNE, Germany: In 2022, 3DISC’s flagship HERON IOS intra-oral scanner was voted the second most popular intra-oral scanner by dentists in the Intraoral Scanner Awards competition by the Institute of Digital Dentistry. Building on the success of HERON IOS, 3DISC is now expanding its range by launching OVO, a new, innovative product that reinvents the intra-oral scanner. OVO was unveiled at the International Dental Show (IDS).

SciVision and 3Disc to launch OVO in South Africa with David Claridge, this June 2023 in Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

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The name “OVO”, derived from the Latin for “egg”, was chosen with reference to the scanner’s unusual shape. OVO is not only a technological revolution in terms of hardware and software but also a conceptual revolution regarding the role of intra-oral scanning for dentists, patients and laboratories. The lightweight, 165 g, scanning device combines three technologies: an intra-oral scanner, a dental camera and dedicated software that will follow the evolution of the patient’s dental health over time.

OVO offers dentists a clinical communication tool. Via a tablet, they will be able to visualise dentition and possible treatment options, monitor patients’ treatment progress and assess results through 3D impressions, images and videos. This technology will help patients better understand their oral situation and treatment options to make the best possible decision.

3DISC carried out numerous clinical tests in collaboration with dentists across the world, and these showed that OVO will be a valuable tool in daily practice. Owing to its unique features, OVO is clearly destined to replace the current generation of intra-oral scanners that are limited to taking 3D scans, according to the company.

Marie-Laure Pochon, CEO and president of 3DISC, said: “The new OVO scanner is not just a data transmission tool; it represents a major achievement for 3DISC, which puts digital technology at the service of the clinic and patient health. I am very proud to bring this technological and clinical revolution to the market. This places us one step ahead of other scanners, bringing a new level of comfort to patients and transforming the dentist–patient relationship, making the latter veritable actors of their oral health.” Source

South Africans can learn more about OVO at the upcoming launches planned for Johannesburg on Tuesday 20 June 2023 and Cape Town on Thursday 22 June 2023. 

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