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Posted 24/03/2024 in Dental Industry News

Exciting Buy-Back Offer to new Vatech Pan or CBCT Buyers

Exciting Buy-Back Offer to new Vatech Pan or CBCT Buyers

Exciting News Alert for Dental Practices

Well if there weren't enough reasons to invest in a Vatech Panoramic or CBCT unit for your practice, here's another and one of our favourites! Vatech, who develop new technologies that advance x-ray technology are well-known for their rapid pace of new x-ray innovations. We are always excited for the next big thing. However, we understand it can be a bit disheartening when a new innovation is launched shortly after you've made your purchase.

With Vatech/SciVision's buy-back offer, they guarantee to buy your new Vatech Pan or CBCT back in up to two years at the same price you've paid. This way you can buy with confidence, knowing that you can potentially be enjoying free x-rays for the next two years to help your practice upgrade to a higher or newer model in two years time. Whatever Panoramic or CBCT X-Ray you buy now can be bought back for the same purchase price to trade up to any Smart or newer model within two years. This gives dental practices a wonderful opportunity for practice growth to be able to more easily afford the latest Vatech innovation, whatever that might be within the next two years. What's more, your practice will stay ahead of the curve, always providing top-notch care for your patients. 

Similarly, SciVision / Vatech South Africa also have a Trade Up Offer, allowing anyone with ageing 2D Panoramic or CBCT units of any brand and working condition to trade it in for a minimum of R200k, to help them upgrade to an exciting new Vatech Smart CBCT or higher with 5 year full parts warranty.

While this offer was never quite formalised like now in South Africa, existing Vatech owners who attend CBCT interpretation courses and study groups enjoy the thrill of keeping up with the latest, especially with the launch of the recent Endo feature in the Vatech X-Series CBCT range, or the Smart Focus feature in the new Smart X units that renders 5 images in 1 scan, or the Rapid Ceph Technology with all the latest 2D and 3D units that minimise motion artefacts further with Ceph in 1.9 seconds. Existing owners have been enjoying highly favourable trade-in values to trade-up to the latest units.

Don't miss out on this incredible offer to join the Vatech family or to keep up with the rapid rate of Vatech innovation we have come to know! Explore the range at scivisionmedical.com/vatech or request a personalised presentation of the range based on your needs.

Contact us today to learn more and elevate your practice with Vatech's cutting-edge technology. 

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