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Posted 25/11/2021 in Dental Industry News

"Make your first CT a Vatech" Vatech launches the A9 for global entry market

  • New export-only entry-level CT specialized for basic dental diagnosis
  • Specifically targets dental clinics purchasing their first CT
  • Broad product portfolio expected to increase CT adoption worldwide


Vatech (www.vatech.com, CEO: Hyun Jung Hoon), a leading global manufacturer of dental imaging devices, has announced the launch of "vatech A9".


The 'A9' is a CT imaging device used to acquire 3D images for diagnosing TMJ conditions or planning implant treatment. Powered by Vatech's 20-years of imaging know-how, the 'A9' provides crisp and clear images with optimal FOV (8x8) for dental use. Not only that, it comes in a smaller size and lower price range compared to existing models.


The 'A9' targets dental clinics looking to expand their practice by providing higher-value treatment such as orthodontics and implant surgery. Currently, most of Vatech's products come with a premium compared to its competitors in developed markets such as Europe and North America. Vatech explains that it chose to launch the low- to mid-range 'A9' to help dental clinics overcome the high adoption cost of CTs, which often reaches tens of thousands of dollars. It is also Vatech's answer to the market's accelerating adoption of CTs that is resulting in a rise in demand.


The global dental market is rebounding from the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, reflected in the increase in demand for premium devices as well as practical, low- to mid- range devices. Vatech hopes that the 'A9' will capture the entry-level CT demand in fast-growing emerging markets as well as the low- to mid-range CT demand in developed markets. The 'A9' will be available in Asia, Europe, Central and South America by the end of 2021, and in North America by early 2022.


Vatech's CEO, Hyun Jung Hoon, has the following to add, "We are looking forward to the A9, a practical yet excellent choice for our users. The A9 will not only diversify Vatech's portfolio, but will also increase CT adoption globally."

Source: vatechnetworks.com/en/news1/4049

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