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Posted by Member on 29/07/2021 in Demonstrations
Intro to CBCT and Vatech Range  [45 Min Online]

Intro to CBCT and Vatech Range [45 Min Online]


Start Time
05/08/2021 7:00 pm
End Time
05/08/2021 8:00 pm

Vatech CBCT Showcase


•    Latest Endo Software Demonstration 

•    Case Presentation with Dr Bryan Sher

•    Overview of the Range (including Pan and Ceph)


As cone beam becomes the standard of care, what are the fundamentals in choosing the right unit for your needs, and when is the right time to add it to your practice?

Dr Bryan Sher

Presentation of CBCT cases and how to approach a CBCT investment

Cape Town based General Dentist specializing in microscopic, CBCT and laser-supported dentistry. With a Master of Science in Laser-supported Dentistry from Germany’s RWTH Aachen University (graduated 2019 in top 2), a BSC. Honours in Physiology at Stellenbosch University before his BChD degree in 1989, Dr Sher has a special appreciation for technology and on-going education to achieve the highest clinical results possible. An avid cyclist and fun dentist with a great passion to share. 

Renso De Jager

Intro to Vatech Pans and CBCT units (focused on CBCT) with South African Vatech X-Ray specialist.

Franc Jang

Latest Endo Software Demonstration with Vatech UK Education Specialist. With the new 4cm x 4cm volume mode and 49.5 micron voxel size, Vatech’s Endo mode optimises treatment of highly-focused regions of interest. Dentists are able to achieve an extraordinary image in a high-resolution voxel size. This is worth seeing!

What you will learn:

> Pan vs. CBCT

> It's More Than Just Field of View

> It's More than Just Excellent Quality

> Details in CBCT that are completely unidentifiable on a 2D image

> How Vatech achieves smart workflow from clarity in diagnosing, treatment planning to easy communication and referrals. 

>  The specific areas in which cone-beam radiography is rapidly becoming recognised as essential. Is cone beam really necessary for me?

>  CBCT READY? How many pans and cbct's per month make the investment in a CBCT unit worthwhile? But it is so much more than that…

> Latest advances in CBCT from Vatech – what you need to know.

> Latest advances in Ceph Tracing from Vatech

> Case presentation by Dr Bryan Sher – Everyday real life stories

This intro aims to be brief but thorough while answering the most pertinent questions in CBCT today. Hosted by Vatech's CBCT specialists and trainers, Renso (South Africa) and Franc (UK) with guest speaker, Dr Bryan Sher from Green Point, Cape Town.


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